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WWE Main Event Thread

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The Miz & Tom Phillips are on commentary. They must not be too keen on Tom’s look because we don’t get a two-shot of the table.

R-Truth & Xavier Woods (w. Naomi & Cameron) vs. The Real Americans (w. Zeb Colter)

This is a pretty good little match-up. Truth carries the workload and does a ton of selling for the Real Americans. The match doesn't drag-out too long either. Truth make the hot tag and it looks like it's go-home time.

Fandango comes out and distracts Xavier Woods. 
Cesaro gets the big pop-up into the uppercut. 

Alberto Del Rio makes his entrance before the commercial break.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Justin Gabriel

Main Event is the only place to see Justin Gabriel’s entrance on TV. Gabriel bounces around a bit and the action is fast paced. Then ADR takes over and gets the win. Good to see he didn't need to use the cross-armbreaker to beat Gabriel.

Post-match ADR gets the mic. ADR is ranting about the fans cheering for Batista but not him. 

Halfway through the show and we get our first two-shot of the announce table. Tom Philips is the most generic looking announcer ever.

Backstage: Renee Young asks Fandango about his actions. Fanny calls Renee “Isabella” and says the Xavier Woods tried to distract him last SmackDown with the Funk-a-doddles. Something about not wearing his emotions on his sleeves...
Originally posted by Renee Young Renee Young wrote:

Well, technically you’re not even wearing sleeves--
That ends the interview for Fanny.

Old School Raw highlight video package.

The Brotherhood vs. 3MB

It’s Main Event so 3MB’s entrance makes TV. Heath Slater is outside the ring, Miz calls him over to the table. Miz asks Slater where he’s been lately.  Slater seems to think that this is a title match. While Slater is playing the fool, he’s the one that reminds Miz that Drew Mac had held the TTC with Cody Rhodes.
Goldust carries the match through the first half. Drew looks especially good with Goldust. But Jinder is just blah in the ring. 

Goldust makes the hot tag and Cody knocks Drew off the apron and makes quick work of Jinder.

Post-match Heath Slater is yelling at Drew for not making the save. Is there really any chance the 3MB could get any sort of storyline?

Kaitlyn vs. AJ Lee (w. Tamina Snuka)

Kaitlyn’s ring gear is just plain ugly.
AJ pauses and shakes hands with Kaitlyn to start the match. 

AJ slips out the ring and Kaitlyn starts chasing her. But Tamina Snuka stands in her way.

Kaitlyn looks a bit sloppy as she takes control. Kaitlyn goes to shoulder-block AJ in the corner, but her aim is off. AJ has to move into the block to sell it.

AJ gets caught coming off the top. Kaitlyn goes for a slam but AJ rolls through and gets the pin.

Post-match: AJ skips around Kaitlyn in the ring. AJ stops and jumps into Kaitlyn’s arms. 
There’s some lezbo-sexual tension for a second. But instead of kissing Kaitlyn (and causing some of the kiddos to ask their folks some uncomfortable questions) they just hug. AJ hopes down, Kaitlyn turns around and get a big kick from Tamina.

*I’m confused. Is Xavier Woods in a feud with both Brodus Clay & Fandango?

*Tom Phillips needs to go back to NXT. He's not ready for this. He called a couple of moves wrong and he has zero timing with the Miz.

*None of the matches really stood-out. ADR was still technically sound, but he's largely directionless. 

*I still wish that Justin Gabriel had re-united with Tyson Kidd. International Airstrike was a good team. Granted they would end up as the jobber team. But still they were a good team.

*The Kaitlyn-AJ match gets a totally different spin knowing that it was Kaitlyn's last match. It's hard not to read some real emotion into what was going on. The live crowd had no idea that the day after this match that Kaitlyn would be released. Otherwise I would imagine they would have been more into the match.

Originally posted by Kondor Kondor wrote:

And who is this Tom Phillips guy?
He's been in NXT for 6 months or so. I guess he's been doing some work on Superstars as well.

Originally posted by Rico Len Rico Len wrote:

BTW what happened to Ric Rod? I haven't seen him in ages.
He was at the Spanish Announce Table the last 2 PPVs. He's also been seen at the performance center a lot. Sounds like he's (still) trying to lose some weight.

Originally posted by Kondor Kondor wrote:

Wasn't it a wellness violation with Rodriguez?
Yes. But that suspension was served before he returned to be RVD's cornerman. RicRod reportedly failed for using fat-burners.

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Mae Young memorial title card opens the show. But the show was recorded before her death so there’s no mention of her passing in the show.

This week at commentary is Alex Riley and Tom Philips.

Kofi Kingston vs. Curt Is Axel

Hennig starts in control, which is goofy since Kofi is coming off a win over Randy Orton. Hennig eventually throws Kofi to the floor. Kofi takes control and the pace quickens. 
I figure the match is about to wrap-up but then Hennig quickly takes back control.

Commercial break.

Hennig is still in charge. Commentary is all about hyping Orton vs. Cena at the moment. This match is getting too much time. The crowd is losing interest, too.

Kofi takes control again. He goes for the Trouble in Paradise, but Hennig avoids it. And the damn match keeps going on. Hennig takes over again.

They spill out onto the floor. Kofi agains goes for the Trouble in Paradise, Hennig again ducks it and Kofi kicks the corner post. What? Now Hennig is the smartest guy in the WWE because he’s realized that Kofi always strings together the same set of moves. 

Kofi gets the “surprise” roll-up for the anti-climax win.

Post-match Ryback comes out. 
Is he coming out to jump Kofi? Is he coming out to help out his buddy Hennig? 
Ryback just struts around the ring and leaves. Announcers mention that Ryback has been making a lot of weird posts and is trying to get as much attention as possible.

Raw recap: Orton, Cena Sr. and Cena.

Part of Cole’s weekly WWE.com video talk with Triple H.

Sin Cara vs. Damien Sandow

This is just a bad match-up. Both of these guys need to get wins to stay relevant. The least WWE could have done was to make this a Royal Rumble qualifying match. WWE used to have those.

Ryback comes out again and struts around the ring.
The gold lights go down and Sin Cara loses his powers. It's just like Superman under a red sun.

Ryback just keeps circling the ring, yelling at fans and such.

Recap of WWE Network announcement.

Backstage Brad Maddox is confronted by 3MB. Slater thanks Maddox for giving them a match tonight. Huh? Since when was Maddox making matches on Main Event?
Quote Brad Maddox: Do you guys ever stop talking?

Slater: No.

Drew: Sometimes.
Maddox says he doesn’t like 3MB and nobody likes them. He’s only giving them a match so he can a quiet moment backstage without them around.

Bad New Barrett moment. 
Barrett goes for the cheap heat and insults the crowd. Claims the crowd escaped the zoo and junk.

Ryback comes out for the third time. 

3MB vs. Prime Time Players: 3-on-2 Handicap match

A-Ry refers to Brad Maddox as being the General Manager of Main Event. Huh? Later they call Maddox the GM of RAW.

Not much of a match. It could have easily have just been a McIntyre-Young match. Slater & Mahal only tagged in for a couple of seconds and Titus didn’t get involved at all. Drew Mac argues with the ref and Young gets the quick roll-up.

Slater gets a mic and says it wasn’t fair. He demands that Brad Maddox come out and re-start the match. Maddox comes out and says he won’t restart the match. He agrees it was unfair, so now 3MB will have a 6-man tag match.

Los Matadores & El Torito vs. 3MB

Nobody is excited to Primo & Epico beat down Jinder Mahal.
Quote Audience: Tag the Bull! Tag the Bull!
El Torito gets the tag and the biggest pop of the show.
El Torito manhandles Jinder for a bit. 

Ryback comes out for the fourth time. Frito & Tito (or whatever the hell their names are) have to hold El Torito back to keep him from running out of the ring to go after Ryback.

*Ryback’s repeated walking around the ring got old quickly.  Probably because it’s been done recently by AJ Lee and Chris Jericho.

*The opening match got too much time. There’s no good reason that Kofi Kingston shouldn’t have got a quick win over Hennig.

*Sin Cara-Sandow was a complete throwaway match. It lost any meaning once Ryback came out.

*Big plus was that they got 4 matches into the show. It helped that they kept the video packs to a minimum. 
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R-Truth comes out rapping and gets the crowd to make some noise. Xavier Woods joins Tom Phillips & The Miz are at commentary. Damien Sandow comes out and insults the crowd.

R-Truth vs. Damien Sandow

Miz & Woods promise that they will eliminate the other at the Royal Rumble if given the chance. All they talk about is the Rumble. Phillips barely gets a word in. It takes about 5 minutes, but Miz manages to finally remember that he was part of Awesome Truth.

R-Truth takes control early on and does a lot of his usual moves. Then the action goes to the floor. Sandow nails Truth with a side-Russian leg-sweep into the barricade. 

Sandow is in control after the commercial break. There’s a couple of near-falls. Truth regains control for a minute. The pace quickens. A couple more near-falls… Sandow regains control. He goes for the Golden Arch, but Truth avoids it. Second try, Sandow gets it locked on but Truth is able to reach the ropes.

All the near-falls cause Sandow to lose his temper. Truth goes for the roll-up, but Sandow kicks out at 2. Truth hits the facebuster to put away Sandow.

Daniel Wyatt recap video.

Backstage with the Bella Twins. Brie says she was in on D-Bry’s plan all along. (Whatever…) Alicia Fox and Aksana come in. I think Aksana insults Brie, but I can’t understand what the hell she’s saying. The Bellas leave in a huff. 

Bella Twins vs. Alicia Fox & Aksana

Aksana’s music is crap. Aksana’s newest ring gear doesn’t look right. The cut doesn’t flatter her figure. She’s constantly tugging on her bottom and adjusting. Alicia Fox’s eye makeup didn’t work in the ring; she looked like she was squinting throughout the whole match.

Nikki works hard on the apron to attempt to get a “Brie” chant going. But that doesn’t happen.

The Bellas have improved in the ring but Nikki’s bulldog is crap; looked like Alicia had to push Brie forward just so Alicia could land safely. Nikki’s clothesline looks like a wet noodle. 

Nikki needs to work on her Rack Attack finisher; she needs to hold the rack for a moment before dropping down into the backbreaker… like how Cena holds his opponent for a couple of seconds before hitting the AA.

Brie has a nice missile dropkick… but she really needs to be coming off the top rope instead of the middle. Brie seemed like she was rushing a bit through the match… maybe they had their time cut down, in which case they would have been better in cutting a couple of spots.

Aksana is still pretty generic in the ring, but she actually showed a tiny bit of improvement. She has developed some in-ring chemistry with Alicia Fox. Alicia still has to carry the workload for her team. It’s strange that in summer of ’10, Alicia Fox held the Divas title but now that she’s improved greatly since then, she’s not even a serious contender for the butterfly.

Royal Rumble numbers promo runs.

Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio

Man, there’s a lot of racial tension in the WWE; always with the Mexican-on-Mexican violence. 

As it was with the last couple of time these 2 guys faced off, the match is technically sound yet lacks drama. They have this completely undefined rivalry going on. I have no idea why they don’t like each other or why they keep fighting.

There’s one funky spot with ADR putting Sin Cara on the top turnbuckle.  Then ADR “humiliates” him by pulling off his mask. Hunico covers his face with his hands and WWE switches camera angles to make sure there’s no clear view of his face. 

The best spot is ADR doing a big chest stomp on Sin Cara… while Sin Cara is caught on the middle turnbuckle. I would have been cool with that having been the match finish.

ADR looks mean and aggressive, but Sin Cara doesn’t go down easy. But since ADR got leveled by Batista on Raw, he’s got to win tonight.

*What happened with Sandow? He won the MITB last year, briefly teased a face turn and is now in the lower midcard area. I was cool with how he lost his temper and that lead to him losing… although commentary really needed to pick up on that and elaborated on it. Having his temper cost him some wins makes a good angle and works within a storyline to explain why he’s losing matches.

*Aksana is easy on the eyes, but hard on the ears. Also it looked like she was checking a cue card instead of looking at the Bellas.

*The Bellas still need to switch up some of their theatrics. They still do a lot of taunting for being babyfaces.

*I still hold to my opinion that Sin Cara would benefit from squashing some local talents. Hunico has the talent, and the character has the potential to be a solid tag champ or maybe go as high as Intercontinental champ…

*Typical go-home show pace: cut 1 match and replace with the hard sell push for the PPV.Sadly, it would only have taken a tiny bit of effort to have made all 3 matches much better.

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Tom Phillips and Alex Riley are at the table this week.

R-Truth vs. Alberto Del Rio

R-Truth gets the crowd to make some noise. Then ADR comes out and everyone sits down. 

The storytelling is solid in the ring. They start with a feeling out period as neither man takes control from the very start. 

Then Truth hits a smooth slingshot crossbody to ADR on the floor… too bad the guys at the table can’t bother with calling moves.

After the spot Truth gets a bit over-confident and ADR gets pissed and gets more aggressive. But Truth is quick to rally. 

In this second stage of the match, control continues to switch back and forth just not as quickly. There is a bit of symmetry now. Truth works on ADR in the corner. Truth tries to Irish Whip ADR across the ring, but ADR reverses it and Truth crashes into the far corner. ADR now works Truth in the corner.  ADR comes off the top with an elbow to a standing Truth and a near-fall. A moment later Truth with a sunset flip and a cover, but ADR kicks out at 1. ADR hits a clothesline that would make JBL happy, and another near fall on Truth.  ADR goes for a running knee with Truth against the ropes, but Truth dodges and ADR goes to the floor.

Commercial break, Truth is in control but ADR avoids the Stinger Splash. Third section of the match begins. ADR with a great suplex on to the rope, he hangs Truth across the top rope and hits a big kick to the head. Near fall. Into a headlock (bad camera angle clearly shows ADR whispering into Truth’s ear in the rest hold. Boo!)

Truth fights out. Truth gets in a nice clothesline of his own and near fall. ADR quick hits the double-knee armbreaker. 
In the replay A-Ry calls it a DDT. WTF? 

ADR goes for the cover and near fall. Truth gets caught in the tree of woe as ADR kicks away at him. 

ADR goes for a shoulder block but Truth avoids it. ADR crashes into the corner post. Truth sells on the top turnbuckle while ADR rolls out. ADR slowly gets back to his feet… Truth with a great missile dropkick. Both men are down.

The ref is counting both men down… they wait until 7 before both men are up. Truth comes off the ropes with a clothesline, ADR pops back up and gets clotheslined again. ADR right back up and Truth hits a single leg dropkick with a corkscrew. This time ADR is slow to get up. Truth gets the crowd engaged with a “What’s up!” shout. Truth hits a sitout facebuster. Near fall.

Truth is setting up for a suplex, ADR slides over and hits the backstabber. Truth sells it like he’s been shot. ADR covers and gets a two & three-quarters. Great dramatic last split-second kickout by Truth and the crowd popped for that one. ADR sets up for his superkick… Truth ducks it. Truth with a kick to the gut and DDT (this time they called the right move.) ADR kicks out at two.

The match enters its 4th stage. Truth looks totally confused. Truth pulls ADR up, but Del Rio reverses and Irish Whips Truth into the corner. ADR charges the corner but is meet with an elbow. Truth climbs the rope but ADR catches him the top rope enzuigiri and Truth drops like a brick. 
Again, Truth kickouts at the last half-second.

ADR stares up at the WM30 sign and signals for the cross armbreaker. Truth escapes the set-up and hits the corkscrew scissorkick. 

The crowd pops as Truth goes for the cover. Kickout by Del Rio. Truth is frustrated in the ring, but he slips into a crazy R-Truth face and briefly looks like he’s talking to someone but it’s just empty space.

Truth puts ADR into the corner and onto the top turnbuckle. He’s setting up for a superplex off the middle rope. ADR pushes off and hits the double-stomp. That’s it, cover and the win for ADR.

Backstage: Aksana and Alicia Fox are buttering up Tamina Snuka. The Bellas and Natalya come in (but Natties is practically off screen.) Alicia makes some weird old age joke about Nattie. Since when is Nattie considered old? 
Quote Natalya: “You’re actually really funny, Tamina, You have a great sense of humor. And you’re also a little older than I am, too. No offense taken, sir.
Nattie and the Bellas duck away. It takes a few seconds for Tamina to catch that Nattie called her “sir.”

Promo for Christian’s return on SmackDown. I suspect that like his last 2 returns, Christian will start off near the top of the card for a month or so, and then slide down to the midcard. Hopefully, he’ll challenge Big E, as he really needs the experience of working a feud with a veteran.

Nattie comes out to good pop.  Tamina comes out to AJ’s music & tron. AJ comes out skipping down to the commentary table. AJ has her hat on (now available at WWEshop.) For some reason A-Ry is trying to talk to AJ before she gets her headset on, so she can’t hear him.

Natalya vs. Tamina

Tamina throws her vest in Nattie’s face to start the match. Tamina with a couple of nice kicks to the midsection and she takes control from the start. 

Commentary is focused on AJ and her title reign. I will admit that AJ is definitely a better heel commentator than A-Ry. 

Completely ignoring the match, A-Ry is putting over Naomi as the top challenger to AJ’s title. They point out that Naomi has beaten AJ twice, she’s quick to reply that those were tag matches and she blames her partners.
Quote AJ Lee: “There was so much glitter and estrogen, I mean how was I supposed to focus on what matters?”

Neither Tamina or Nattie are really going all out in this one. Most likely they are dialing it down since the segment seems more focused on AJ at ringside. There’s several cutaways to AJ at ringside. Finally, Phillips brings up Nattie being featured in the current Flex magazine and her struggles. 
Quote AJ Lee: “Yeah, yeah, I’m sure she had a really hard run of it, you know. Those tall curvy blondes really get held down in our society, don’t they?”

Tamina is still in control. Nattie ducks the superkick and rolls up Tamina for the win. AJ dumps her headset in disgust. Nattie rolls out of the ring to celebrate, and AJ nails her from behind. 

AJ rolls Nattie back to the ring where Tamina is waiting to superkick her. AJ pulls up Nattie by the hair and taunts her. Nattie shoves AJ back, Tamina nails Nattie. Again, AJ pulls Nattie up by the hair. It’s not clear what they are up to.

Cameron and Naomi run down to make the save. AJ rolls out of the ring, leaving Tamina behind. The Funk-a-dunks double team Tamina and double-suplex Tamina. 

AJ is halfway up the ramp. Cameron goes to check on Nattie, leaving Naomi free to hit her big butt bump on Tamina. AJ fumes and then leaves.

Video of Michael Cole’s weekly (or is it weakly) talk with Triple H.

Raw Rebound package runs.

The Usos come out and get the crowd loud. Big E comes out and gets a solid pop, although the crowd seems to simmer down as he reaches the ring. After the commercial, 3MB are climbing into the ring.

The Usos & Big E Langston vs. 3MB

Tom Phillips tells how excited he is to see this match.

Heath Slater starts the match with a big pose and yells “3MB.” That gets a little bit of heat from the crowd. Jey responses by shouting “Use” and getting a louder “Oh” reply.

Jey and Slater work for quite a while. Slater gets Jey down and promptly poses and does a bit of air guitar solo to wake up the boo-birds.

Jimmy tags in and the Uso hit a couple of double-team moves. Slater gets Jimmy to his team’s corner and tags in Jinder. Jinder takes Jimmy to a neutral corner and throws a couple of shot to the gut (like that ever works on a Samoan.) Jinder goes for the Irish Whip (let’s keep this international.) Jimmy drops down to stop himself and turns back to catch Jinder in a crucifix-like move into a 2-count cover.

Jimmy gets Jinder into their corner and finally tags in Big E. Jinder eats a series of rip-breakers from Big E. Cover and a two-count. Big E throws Jinder into his corner and Jey tags back in. Jey picks up the pace and then slows it down. Tag to Jimmy, who comes off the top with a double axe-handle. 

The crowd starts a mild “Big E” chant. Langston tags while Jinder escapes to tag in Drew McIntyre. Drew does a great job of working around Big E. This allows Big E to remain near the center of the ring and minimizes him having to rush around. It does a good job of helping Big E not gas out early.

Big E with that chest-bump/shoulder block thingy he does knocks Drew through the ropes to the floor. Slater & Mahal try to jump Big E, but he dumps them outside too. The Usos jump in the ring and they are ready to fly. All three faces bounce off the far ropes, the Usos go over the top and hit Jinder & Slater. Drew jumps onto the apron and Big E shoulder blocks him through the ropes onto the floor.

After the commercial, the babyfaces are in control. Drew Mac gets in a great spot as he catches Jey midair with a kick to the gut. Slater tags in and taunts the faces before tagging in Jinder. Jinder stays in control of a couple of minutes before Jimmy tags in. Jimmy takes control and works over Jinder in the middle of the ring. 

Drew tags himself in as Jinder bounces off the ropes. Drew tries to jump Jimmy, but Jimmy catches him with an elbow. As Drew falls through the ropes, Slater tags himself in. Jimmy tries to pull Drew back into the ring, but Slater catches him with a leg-drop across the middle rope. Slater is now in control. Slater slows the action down and then tags Drew back in.

Drew goes to taunt the faces again. Jimmy gets the opening and throws Drew out of the ring but doesn’t make the tag. Slater throws Drew back into the ring to tag Jinder. Again the action slows back down. Drew is tagged in and they double-whip Jimmy into the corner. Jimmy goes up and with a corkscrew crossbody. Jimmy and Jinder both tag out (nobody cares that Drew is actually the legal man.) 

Big E nails Slater with a big clothesline. Drew is still in the corner so Big E hits him too. Slater and Drew are in the corner and Big E hits them with a big shoulder. Big E peels Slater off , suplexs Slater into the middle of the ring and hits the big splash. 

Jinder and Drew break it up, but are both superkicked by the Usos. Big E hooks Slater and the Usos climb separate corners… the crowd starts getting on their feet. Big Ending and two Superfly splashes… big pop. 

Post-match celebration: the Usos try to get Big E to dance with them. He doesn’t want to… but then joins in. 

*Truth-Del Rio match was a great technical match that showed off both men’s storytelling skills. Here was a throw-away match without any storyline to it, but it turned out to be very entertaining. Too bad commentary spent most of the match talking about other stuff, like the Elimination Chamber. 

*I’m still bugged by how both Truth & Del Rio are being used at the moment. I think that Truth should be used as Xavier Wood’s tag partner full time and stop with the random singles matches for both of them. ADR would be well-suited to be challenging for the IC title and working a program with Big E.

*It’s cool that they are letting Tamina use more power moves than we’ve seen with the Divas for a while. But the match was just a backdrop for having AJ at commentary and the real action was post-match. I have to say that the Naomi’s big butt bump is a horrible finisher.

*I’m still disappointed the Drew Mac remains in 3MB. I can see that Slater has all the classic jobber qualities to him, but Drew has shown that he’s got far more to offer. While Jinder should just consider himself lucky to still be on the main roster.

*The tag match went a bit long. But at the end they pull off the biggest pop of the show.
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Quote Credit: Ron Lewis & Prowrestling.net

Booker T, Tensai, Renee Young, and Josh Mathews filmed a pre-show studio segment (likely a test run for the WWE Network pre-show).

WWE Main Event (Airing Wednesday)

The Wyatt Family beat Sin Cara and Los Matadores. Bray Wyatt pinned Sin Cara following Sister Abigail.

Natalya defeated Aksana. Natalya got the submission win via the Sharpshooter.

A pre show for the D show seems a bit extreme.

Los Matadores being another act creative quickly got sick of before an abrupt ending to a push.

Natalya against Aksana is a match I can live without ever seeing.
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Silly adders. Main Event is the C-show; Superstars is the D-show. Plus they are going to do practice pre-shows for all their weekly program... but that doesn't mean that all of their shows are going to have pre-shows.

Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton are at commentary. Phillips should go back to NXT and they should have Saxton as the main guy at the table. I think the terms play-by-play and color commentator apply anymore. It’s more like a main commentator and a sidekick.

Sin Cara & Los Matadores (with El Torito) vs. The Wyatt Family

I find it funny that none of the “Mexican” team members are actually from Mexico. Only the mascot is from Mexico. Technically WWE doesn’t bill los Matadores as being from Mexico but it is inferred.

Bray Wyatt comes out of this match looking really good. For a guy of his size, it’s incredible that he can match the quickness of Sin Cara. 

It’s an OK match. It would have been better as just a regular tag match or even a singles match between Bray and Sin Cara.

Natalya vs. Aksana 

Natalya poses with the crowd for a second. Some little kid totally cops a quick feel.

Alicia Fox comes out with Aksana, but doesn’t come down to the ring. Aksana needs a different theme. 

It’s not a very good match, but I can’t help but to watch Aksana. I can’t help myself. I just can’t turn away.

There’s a lot of rest holds by Aksana and the match ends up dragging. The entire match pacing is just off. 

Big E vs. Drew McIntyre (with Jinder Mahal)

His tron still says Big E Langston, but his graphic just says Big E and that’s all the commentators call him. 

I’m not keen on this match. Jinder and Drew should stick to tag matches right now. Phillips and Saxton talk more about the absent Heath Slater than Drew Mac. Main Event has repeatedly tried to start a storyline for 3MB, but they never follow thru.

Drew looked solid thru the whole match. Jinder ended up doing nothing for Drew. So Big E eventually got the clean win.

Post-match: Jinder gets on the mic and says something about if you mess with one member of 3MB, you mess with them all. And just like that instant match.

Big E vs. Jinder Mahal

Super short squash match.

*The opening six-man was a bit crowded. I get that the idea was to put over the entire Wyatt Family and/or maybe it was just that amount of time that the match was scheduled, but the match felt rushed.

*Divas match should have been a squash. There was never a chance of Aksana picking up the win in this one. Maybe if Alicia Fox had accompanied her, she could have possibly tripped up Nattie. That would have set-up something for next week… but WWE isn’t even trying to give the Divas division more than 1 storyline.

*The final “2” matches with Big E were flat. It would have been much better if it had just been the Jinder squash and then they could have save the match with Drew for next week as the follow-up. That would also leave a handicap match as the 3rd match and blow-off for this as an angle. But WWE doesn’t do midcard storylines… even on the C-show.

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I have to say it was a good match between Kane and Daniel Bryan on today's show (which I guess was aired live on the WWE Network yesterday.) But in any case it was a good battle of Kane's grinding style he uses these days vs Bryan's tenacity and skill. Kane was upset after his loss and was interviewed by Josh in the back. 

Nikki Bella beat Alicia Fox. I have always liked Fox as I think she is one of the few women wrestlers in WWE these days who have skill; but I will acknowledge Nikki has improved. Within kayfabe it was an upset victory to me. But to analyze the booking it was the wrong decision. 

They announced a Tag Team Title rematch between the Usos and the Outlaws; but Road Dogg came down and said they were injured ice skating after Raw on Monday. LOL So Brad Maddox put together the Usos vs Matadores for the belts, which was a good match, while the Outlaws sat at the broadcasting booth. One of the broadcasters asked if they were hoping the Matadores would win so then the Outlaws would have an "easier" path to the belts (which in kayfabe I disagree with.) But the Matadores matched areal moves with the Usos until the Usos took it.   

Either way it's good to see the Matadores in the Title picture. Like I said I liked them when they were Epico & Primo. I wish they would take off the masks, call themselves Epico & Primo again, hook up with Rosa again, win the belts, and have a nice long Title reign. 

Thanks to Pac for the sig.
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Quote WWE appears to be ending its’ run with WWE Main Event on the ION Network on April 2nd. The ION Network is currently listing a “Burn Notice” marathon for April 9th.
No real surprise with WWE now airing the show live on the Network. It's also been reported that WWE's broadcast rights package was for Raw, SmackDown and Main Event.

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