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TNA iMPACT! Discussion Thread

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Post Options Post Options   Thanks (0) Thanks(0)   Quote thundarr2000 Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 21/June/2013 at 18:23
The show opens with video of a facepaint-free Sting in a suit as he is walking down some sort of alley. He says nothing and is just walking; it’s just a weird bit. I’m not sure if that was supposed to be a homage shot to some scene from a movie or something, so it’s just weird.

BFG series video plays.

The ring is shown and most of the BFG series guys are in the ring. Hulk Hogan comes limping out. Amazingly he’s wearing a blue-and-white Impact Wrestling shirt and not one of his own shirts. Hogan says he’s bringing out the pre-qualified guys. Hogan introduces Bobby Roode and then separately Jeff Hardy.

Hogan says it’s Open Fight Night. The winner of the fan vote for “1st call-out” is Jeff Hardy. Hardy looks around the ring to try to decide who to select. The faces gather on 1 side of the ring and the heels on the other, while AJ is on the apron in-between. 

Austin Aries gets on the mic before Hardy can pick. Austin Aries says Hardy is the most popular guy in the company, but he’s the second most popular guy in TNA and Hardy shouldn’t call him out. Daniels gets on the mic and says Hardy shouldn’t call out either of Bad Influence. Hardy says he wants Roode. But then everybody starts brawling. 

This seems like a bit of a waste. All the guys are there so why not start off with a battle royal? Or maybe a Royal Rumble-style match. I know that would result in 1 big match instead of 5 or 6 singles matches. But I think it would have been a more dramatic way to kick off the series.

Mr. Anderson comes out and gets in the ring. Anderson signals for the mic to drop, but they don’t have that… so somebody hands him a mic. Anderson calls out Joseph Park.

Mr. Anderson vs. Joseph Park

There’s an extended “feeling out” start to the match; a very slow way to start the first match of the series. It is bad when Park is the one the step up the action. Park locks on the Boston Crab which draws DOC out to cause the distraction. Park steps on to middle rope and sits on the turnbuckle, not really sure what he’s supposed to be setting up. DOC kicks him off the turnbuckle and Anderson hits the Mic Check. 

What a surprise – Park loses. I would have never expected that to happen.[/SARCASM]

Backstage: Aces are drinking beer. Anderson says he should be the next VP. DOC argues and points out that he is the one that saved Anderson. DOC says he should be the veep. (Would that change his name to VP?) Bully Ray breaks up the argument and promises that they will vote on VP—later.

Jay Bradley vs. Austin Aries

Surprised to see a heel vs. heel match so soon. But that’s one of the things I like about the series: the matches up we wouldn’t normally see.

My son Jack walks in the room. Jack hasn’t ever been interested in TNA. But Austin Aries catches his eye.

Quote Jack: What’s wrong with that man? (Austin Aries)

Me: What do you mean?

Jack: He’s so quick!

Jack sits down to watch Aries. He starts calling the action. 

Jack: He kicked him in the butt! Kick him again. Again. Again.  Vicious kick.

Aries on the top rope.

[QUTOE]Jack: Wait for it. Wait. Wait. Do it![/QUOTE]

Quote Jack: He won! I knew he was going to win. All that hit down did the trick. (Pantomimes the brain buster.) That did the trick.

Sting in the back giving us some babble about the MEM will rise.

Back from commercial Sting is shaking the hand of an unseen man.

Backstage: Chavo is giving Hernandez a pep talk.

Hernandez comes out to the ring. Hernie calls out Daniels.

Quote Jack: That was good sounding. Now he sounds mean, right?

Hernandez vs. Daniels

Quote Jack: The strong guy is going to win.

Jack starts going in to a mix of play-by-play and coaching.

Quote Jack: Hit him. Hit him again. Kick, kick!

Hernandez on the ramp getting ready.

Quote Jack: He’s going to run in. Boing.

Quote Jack: That was awesome. He just kicked him the face.

Daniels goes for the BME.

Quote Jack: Here he goes… boom.

Brooke Hogan is walking backstage.
Quote Jack: What? A girl battle? I’m getting bored with the guys.  I want to see a girls battle.

Me: No, she doesn’t wrestle. She’s just going to talk.

Jack: Oh.

Jack leaves the room. Good job Brooke! You just managed to bore my son out of the room without saying a word.

Kaz is in the ring and calls out Magnus.

Kazarian vs. Magnus

I still wish Magnus was the TV champ. I think that would add a great wrinkle to the series if the TV title was involved in even a tertiary way. It might also give the TV title a bit of value. I also wouldn’t mind if Magnus & Terry reunited as British Invasion and had a feud with Bad Influence.

Good little match, very quick with no lulls in the action. Great back and forth keeps the match looking competitive as neither man is overwhelmingly dominate.

Magnus with the Texas Cloverleaf for the win. Magnus’ cloverleaf looks way better than the one Sheamus uses. But they need to come up with a different name as a Brit shouldn’t be using any move with Texas in the name. 

Backstage: Hogan is on his cell phone. Bully Ray approaches from behind with the hammer in hand. Hogan hangs up his phone then turns around and grabs Bully. Hogan is the least intimidating guy in TNA, but he still threatens Bully. 

Brooke Hogan comes out to the ring. She can’t walk too fast in that tight black dress. Actually she’s doesn’t walk very smoothly in heels ever. There’s a podium in the ring, I’m hoping it is going to get destroyed. Is that Brooke’s script on the podium? 

Brooke calls out the Knockouts Division. Leading the way is ODB & Eric Young with the KO TTC belts (still undefended for a year.) Velvet, Taryn and Gail Kim follow. Seriously is all of the KO division? Mickie James gets a special introduction. Mickie thinks she’s the one that’s going to be the one giving the “State of the Division” speech.

Brooke stars with Eric Young; EY gets a good pop from the crowd. EY admits that “technically” he’s not a woman; the crowd pops and chants “no, no.” EY surrends the KO TTC titles over to Brooke. EY & ODB start to make-out and then run out of the ring.

Brooke kisses up to Velvet. Brooke announces that Velvet will get her rematch next week. Gail interrupts and wants her rematch. Brooke announces a ladder match between Taryn & Gail. Brooke dismisses the meeting and leaves with KO TTC belts.

Tenay proclaims the KO division is red hot (yeah, all 5 of them.)

Backstage: Hulk is telling Brooke she needs to leave for her own safety. He puts her into a chauffeured SUV. (I guess that the limo rental was too much.)

AJ comes out. I hate AJ’s darkside theme music. It sounds a lot like Aces & Eights’ theme. Come to think about it, it sounds like a bunch of other guys’ music as well. AJ cuts a bland promo under blue lights. Is he the anti-Sin Cara? 

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

Remember when this match-up would headline a PPV? Isn’t this supposed to be Open Fight Night? Why aren’t these guys calling each other out?

The crowd is dead. Dark brooding AJ just does not seem to be connecting. Switching up his move set has made him generic and far from phenomenal.

We get the “5 minutes remain” alert over the PA. Are they really setting up for the time-limit draw?
Samoa Joe hits AJ in a suplex off the middle rope. The crowd doesn’t pop.  AJ locks on the calf killer, but Joe reverses into the Kokina Clutch, but AJ gets out. “1 minute remains.” Yeah, they’re going with the time limit draw. Anti-climactic finish to a low energy match.

Backstage: Bully is on his cell phone. It sounds like he’s talking to Brooke; he tells her to come back. Bully tells the Aces that Brooke is coming back and orders some of them to go make sure she gets here. (Oh please no.)

Backstage: Hogan with Sabin, Suicide, and Kenny King. He tells them at that winner next week the winner of the title gets the chance to cash in the title for a shot at the World Heavyweight title.

Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode

Commentary is horrible. This is an opportunity to sell the idea that both men are evenly matched; they should be pointing out how both were very successful tag team guys that transitioned into being world heavyweight champions. Instead Tenay is shilling for Hardy’s workout app.

Hardy wins with a completely predictable Twist of Fate “from out of nowhere.”

Backstage: Invisible interviewer asks Sting if he’s leaving already.  Sting says he no and he still has family business. (Quick guess… Kurt Angle will be revealed as part of the MEM.)

Bully Ray comes out and cuts a dull promo. He doesn’t have a #1 contender to rip into. Bully calls for Brooke to come out to join him. But nobody does, so Bully calls her out again. This time some music starts that nobody seems to recognize at first as nobody pops. It’s when the tron lights up that everyone realizes it is Sting coming out. 

Sting gets a mic and says some stuff about family. Bully rips into him and reminds everyone that Sting lost to him and can never challenge for the WHC again. Sting is taking off his tie and suit jacket. Bully calls for Aces to come out but nobody shows. The tron shows the Aces laid out in back. Bully darts up the ramp but Kurt Angle intercepts him. Angle is in a suit as well. Angle catches Bully with the ankle lock and Bully is tapping out on the ramp. 

*Strange mix of action. They pitch the BFG series as the centerpiece of the summer. But the series matches aren’t exactly front and center. They are secondary to the Aces and the Bully Ray-Brooke Hogan drama.

*Weak start to the BFG series. They could have gone with a big start and had a battle royal. But instead when with singles matches and having a time limit draw was weak. 

*Not enough variety. No KO match. No X-Divison match. No tag match. 

*The Hogan Family drama is uninteresting; especially in comparison to the McMahon Family drama in WWE. Hulk & Brooke both need to be seen less.

*Still too much Aces & Eights. There’s way too many backstage bits and still too much of them in the ring. Worst yet, most of the backstage stuff is pointless filler.

*Magnus is on top of the series leaderboard with 10 points. I'm guessing that will change within a week.

*I miss Todd Keneley. Tenay & Taz are just so bad at the table. Taz can't seem to remember that he's a heel now. Tenay spends more time shilling tickets and stuff than acknowledging the match in the ring.
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What’s up with the MEM theme? It sounds like a frickin’ old school Nokia ring tone.

Aces decide to jump Sabin. How come Aces doesn’t have somebody chasing the X-title? Both Bischoff and Brisco are X-Division sized. Why aren’t the Aces chasing all the gold in TNA?

Gut Check profile of Adam Ohriner AKA The Big O. This is Zack Ryder’s buddy that appeared in several of Ryder’s YouTube show. 

X-Division Championship match: Chris Sabin vs. Kenny King vs. Suicide

Funky spot when Sabin does the low drop kick on both King and Suicide in the corner, with Suicide seated on the mat and King in the tree of woe.

Good tower of doom spot. Suicide did a great job of flying high off the top of the tower.

What? Suicide won? Huh? I didn’t see that coming. 

Hogan comes out with TJ Perkins. Perkins is limping. Hogan announces that Perkins is Suicide and has always been Suicide. Who is Suicide? Fake Suicide runs off with the X-belt.

Gut Check profile of Ryan Howe. Funny they can’t mention that he was on Tough Enough. And of course they ignore that he’s been in OVW for a while. 

Gut Check: Adam Ohriner vs. Ryan Howe

Howe comes out play his electric guitar. He’s better than Heavy Metal Van Hammer but not quite up to Man Mountain Rock. 

Ohriner gets the win. But he didn’t show more than a generic power man routine. 

Backstage Bully Ray finds TJ Perkins in the locker room. Bully wants to know if Sting or Kurt Angle put TJ up to this. So the Aces aren’t behind the Suicide switcheroo. Bully is trying to act paranoid because of the MEM. A very weird bit.

Knockouts Championship match: Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky

WTF? Tazz is singing along with Mickie’s theme. 

Mickie cuts a promo before the match. Mickie says it’s Velvet that’s changed. It’s a good little promo that illustrates the idea that Mickie is semi-delusional.  

Mickie takes control early. Psycho Mickie focuses in on Velvet’s hurt knee. Mickie is very aggressive in her offense and it’s cool to watch. 

Then Velvet takes over and stops selling. This is annoying. After so much time has been spent emphasizing the knee being hurt, she stops selling and bounces around like nothing has happened. Outside the ring Velvet hits Mickie with a spear. Why are so many women using the spear now?

Oddly both Velvet and Mickie are getting cheers and chants. After a bit of back and forth, Mickie regains control and Velvet goes back to selling.  

Neither Tazz or Tenay appear to know what Mickie’s submission finisher is. Is she’s going for a half-Boston Crab? Is this a death lock variation? Why isn’t this finisher given a name then? 

Post-match interview. Crowd chants “you tapped out.” Velvet is fake crying. What a lame copy of what just happened with AJ Lee & Kaitlyn at Payback.

Backstage: Sting and Kurt Angle are standing around when Bobby Roode struts bay. 

Backstage: Hogan is questioning referee Stifler: Who Is Suicide?

BFG Series: Bobby Roode vs. Magnus

Decent little match; but the pace and energy seemed low. Magnus gets the “major upset” win to continue his big start to the series.

Backstage: Aces invade the locker room. Bully Ray questions Chavo, Jesse Godderz, and Robbie E: Who is Suicide?

James Storm & Gunner are in the ring cutting a promo. This team needs a team name. The promo is pretty generic. Finally the interruption comes; Robbie E and Jesse G (with Tara.)  Robbie & Jesse should be a team as they’ve shown some good chemistry in the few skits they’ve done. Robbie says this “train has already sailed.” Tenay seems confused, did the punchline go over his head.
Robbie declares their team is “The Bro-Mance.” Storm doesn’t get that reference. He’s playing up being an ignorant cowboy pretty strong.  Storm declares Tara a butterface? Way to BA STAR there Storm. That’s wrong on so many levels. Tara deserves a lot more respect than that. She’s a 5-time KO champ and 2-time WWE Women’s champ.

Honestly, if I hadn’t been watching Impact recently I would have thought Storm & Gunner were the heels and Robbie & Jesse were the comedy faces.

Backstage: Invisible interviewer asks Sting & Kurt about the night’s events. Kurt says it’s time to go talk to the mystery man himself. Is Kurt implying that Fake Suicide is also the newest member of the MEM?

BFG Series: Anderson vs. Samoa Joe

Anderson hasn’t been looking very good in recent matches. I think he needs to switch up his routine. First he needs to stop wearing the vest & T-shirt as they muffle the sounds of Joe’s chops. 

Knux & DOC run from the back. They try to distract Joe without directly interfering. Sting & Kurt run down and fight off DOC & Knux. Anderson gets distracted and Joe locks on the Korina Clutch for the submission win. 

Post-match Joe hugs Sting & Kurt. Joe flashes the double-m hand gesture. So it looks like Joe is now in.

After commercial break we go backstage: Kurt & Sting official welcome Joe into the MEM. Goofy Men’s Warehouse joke, Sting shouldn’t try to cut jokes.

Only thing left to do is for Hogan to find out “Who is Suicide?” Hogan yapping on and on. Suicide has a mic but doesn’t say anything.  Bully Ray with the interruption. Both Hogan & Bully want to know: Who is Suicide? 

Suicide cuts an odd promo: Bully is the man that says “Do you know who I am?” but do you know “Who is Suicide?” The mask comes off and it’s revealed to be Austin Aries. Option C is back.

*Overall there wasn’t enough in ring action. Very surprised there wasn’t a tag match. Another match for some variety.

*Still too much Hogan & Bully Ray for me.

*The KO match was okay. But the recent work by Gail Kim & Taryn made it seem a bit dull by comparison. Velvet’s limitations have been showing through. 

*The Gut Check match was weak as hell.

*Given how slowly storylines have been moving in TNA lately, it’s strange that “Who is Suicide?” was resolved within the same show. But towards the end, I got the feeling it would be Austin Aries. This seems to complete his face turn. 
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One question thundarr. How can Aries doing in a young prospect be considered a face turn? Also, Aries has clearly shown that he's out for no-one else but himself, and, in my opinion, that's classic heelish behaviour.

Also, unless Aries is going on an extended break, they will have to book him beating Bully Ray, because what Option C does is leave nowhere for the one cashing in the X-Div belt to go to if they lose

Edited by IDIOTdella - 29/June/2013 at 22:02
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Sadly my interest in TNA at the moment has plummeted to the point of where I'm just reading the spoilers/reports online and then deciding if there are any parts of the show I want to watch, I find it hard to sit through a whole episode now.

I agree with Della about Aries, I don't see how his posing as Suicide was a face-turn, sure he challenged Bully but that's because Bully Ray is the World champion, everything else about his actions was completely heelish.

If A-Double was to win the World title one scenario I would propose would be to have AJ Styles win the Bound For Glory series then have Aries vs Styles main-event BFG, that's a dream match that TNA have still yet to give us. This isnt beyond the realms of possibility either as I keep hearing a Bully Ray vs Hulk Hogan match is being discussed for BFG and surely that match if it happens won't be for the World title.
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X-Division Champion Austin Aries comes and cuts a promo. Aries declares he’s exercising Option C. Hulk Hogan comes out – did they edit Hogan’s entrance? Because he normally doesn’t get into the ring that quickly.

Hogan isn’t happy with Aries’ actions and calls “gimmick infringement.” Hogan declares a three-way X-Division championship tonight.
Hogan brings out Suicide, but he’s now called Manik. It's taken them forever to come up with a marketable name for the guy. Hogan then calls out Sabin. Sabin cuts a bland and forgettable promo.
Invisible interview is at Bad Influence’s dressing room. Are they implying that Daniels & Kaz are both nekkid together?

BFG Series match: Kazarian vs. AJ Styles

Kaz & Daniels come out dressed like Siegfried & Roy, complete with a stuffed white tiger.

AJ’s new nickname should be “Buzzkill” because he completely ruins the fun of Bad Influence. When is AJ going to start painting his face? He needs to complete his transformation into the original Crow-themed Sting.

Awesome dropkick by Kaz in the center of the ring, AJ threw himself into the corner. Hands-down the spot of the match.
Poor Kaz. He still has zero points in the series as AJ gets the predictable win.

Backstage: Chavo is giving a pep talk to Hernandez. Chavo is reminding Hernandez that the series isn’t a race but a marathon. So Hernie still has plenty of time to botch and injure somebody.

Mickie James is in the ring with a ladder set-up. Mickie hypes herself as the face of the KO division – which is an easy claim to make seeing how the division continues to erode. Mickie says it doesn’t matter if Gail Kim or Taryn win the #1 contender ladder match because they can’t touch what she’s done. Nobody interrupts Mickie James because… well, TNA doesn’t want to pay any KO to make an appearance.

Backstage Gut Check decision banter. Time to hit FF on the DVR.

Now the decision is announced: Ryan Howe is told he will come out later for the judges’ decision. Man, they are milking the hell out of this. These 2 guys may have had the worse Gut Check match yet, why can’t they both just get the boot now?

MEM are in the parking lot. The fourth member will be revealed tonight.

BFG series: Jay Bradley vs. Hernandez

Oh goodness. Tenay & Tazz are horrible and I can’t take their babble. FF thru the first half of the match. 
Hernie does his goofy flying shoulderblock from the ramp. His big feet barely clear the top rope. Bradley takes control of the match, he’s about to hit his finisher when Chavo causes the distraction. 

Backstage with Aces… FF button again.

The Bro-Mans (Jesse G & Robbie E w/ Tara) vs. Drunk & Dirty (James Storm & Gunner)

Tara is hands down the best wrestler out there. 

Jesse G has a nice drop kick but little else to offer. Gunner’s fall away slam is ugly. If James Storm adds any more weight to his mid-section he’s going to look like Jim Duggan.

MEM is now walking down what looks like a hotel hallway. Maybe they are going to order room service before coming out.

Jeff Hardy gives comment on his opponent for tonight: Joseph Park

MEM come out; well Kurt Angle & Sting. Oh, look we have a celebrity in the crowd: Louie Anderson still counts as a celebrity right? Samoa Joe gets his own introduction. 
Couldn’t Joe get a cool suit? He’s the one that could get away with wearing something with a bit of a hip-hop or funk to it. Angle gets on the stick to announce the fourth member: Magnus. Magnus looks super sharp in his suit. 

Magnus is popular at the moment, but he’s not a former world champion. The only “world” title I recall him winning is the Ring Ka King title. It also doesn’t make sense for the MEM to have 2 guys in the BFG series.

BFG series: Jeff Hardy vs. Joseph Park

This reminds me, where’s Abyss and the TV title? Should this be the match that the Aces interfere in? 

Joseph needs a couple of comedy spots in his matches; maybe needing to roll out of the ring to get a drink of water. Something to emphasis the idea that he’s not a wrestler. He works a pretty simple moveset, but there’s more they could do. Maybe he should copy John Cena; that would at least appeal to the smarks.

Joseph is busted open, and bleeding from the mouth. That’s awful bright red; that reminds me of when WCW tried using those fake blood capsules. Joseph nails referee Stifler with the Black Hole Slam. Then he snaps back and has no idea what happened.

Gut Check announcement time. Al Snow just needs a hat to complete his pimp look. These segments always drag on. Danny Davis says the audience has changed his vote? How? The fans in the front row can be seen shaking their heads ‘no.’ Then when Brother Love says the final no, the crowd pops. 

Another Aces backstage clip. Yawn. 

Aces come out to the ring. I guess they were at the concession stand.

This is so boring that TNA goes to a video pack for next week’s KO ladder match and Joker’s Wild BFG match. 
X-Division Championship: Chris Sabin vs. Manik vs. Austin Aries

So Aces is just hanging out in the crowd? Sabin & Manik are having a classic X-Division match while Aries keeps getting thrown out of the ring.
The ref is busy with Aries & Sabin on the ramp. Aces come out. DOC catches Manik and powerbombs him on the outside. That brings out the MEM.

Back from commercial, Manik is being stretchered out. MEM is now standing guard as the Aces have retreated back to the crowd. I guess none of the Aces can count because they outnumber MEM 2 to 1.Why is the ref allowing Sting to stay on the apron? 

Sabin against Aries turns into a good match. This is why they need to dump that always a three-way gimmick for the X-Division. They both get in some highspots, both land their finishers and there’s a flurry of near-falls. Sabin regains the title.

Now, I’m confused by the decision to give Aries a 1 week title reign. This makes Sabin a 6-time X-champ and ties him with Jay Lethal and AJ Styles for the most. But still a 1 week title run? 
It’s appropriate that the sports concussion test is known as ImPACT, because watching TNA makes me question my cognitive functions.
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Bully Ray is walking down some hallway. He starts whining at the invisible interviewer.

Oh we’re doing the Joker’s Wild junk tonight because it’s Vegas. I hope the Vegas fans enjoy the pandering. The Aces come out to the ring. The TNA commentary table looks like some pre-fab Ikea crap. Bully Ray cuts a promo to bring everyone up to speed on how Sabin has a world title shot at the Destination X “special” episode. Then he launches into a tirade on the New MEM.

MEM come out, and damn their theme music is crap. Kurt Angle starts to prattle on or a bit. Then Sting promises to reveal the next member… later in the show tonight. 

Jeremy Borash gets to use the microphone for a bit as they announce the Joker’s Wild “random” tag team tournament. His assistant is Christy Hemme, who for some reason reminds me of WWF's Godfather.

Jeff Hardy & Joseph Park vs. AJ Styles & Samoa Joe

Hardy & Park had a match last week while Styles & Joe had a time limit draw recently. So “randomly” there’s two teams of guys that have recently wrestled each other. Oh the drama [/sarcasm] The energy is low as everyone is just waiting for Joseph to eat the pin for Hardy.

It’s only the first match and I’m already wishing that TNA had done something else. Doesn’t TNA have their own version of the Royal Rumble? 

TNA teases me with a glimpse of Taryn Terrell stretching out in preparation for her match later on.

Jay Bradley & Hernandez vs. Mr. Anderson & Magnus

Once Anderson was announced I knew his partner would be Magnus just to get the Aces-MEM angle some attention. 

Anderson & Magnus are a dysfunctional team and don’t want to tag each other and such. Oddly, Bradley and Hernandez work pretty well together as a heel team. Until Bradley mistakenly grabs Hernandez’s foot allowing Magnus to pin him. 

Backstage the former Dirty Heels. Austin Aries is complaining about losing the X-Division championship match last week. Roode isn’t interested since he’s 0-3 in the series. Bad Influence come into the room to save the skit. Daniels explains that since it’s that the four of them are left
Which of course means that the teams will be mixed up.

Christopher Daniels & Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode & Kazarian

Roode & Aries both step out on to the apron leaving Kaz & Daniels to start the match. Since they would rather dance than fight, Aries tags himself in. Aries & Kaz work very well together. Aries takes control, so Daniels tags himself in. Then in a show of sportsmanship, Daniels allows Kaz to tag in his partner Bobby Roode.

After a brief go around, Daniels tags Aries back in. This is when a good commentary team would remind us that Aries & Roode fought over the world title before becoming a tag team. This is the time to stress that Roode & Aries aren’t best friends. But neither Tenay nor Tazz give a crap about that. That would just build up drama in the match. 

After commercial it’s Aries & Kaz in the ring. Both men are dazed and mistakenly try to tag in their regular partner. Daniels takes control over Roode, but Daniels steps too close to his corner so Aries again tags himself in. Why doesn’t Tazz or Tenay point out that while Daniels & Kaz have resisted facing each other, Aries is eager to face his regular partner? The commentary is doing nothing to help emphasis the drama in the ring.

Kaz with a great jumping DDT on Aries, forces Daniels to break up the count. Daniels tries to explain himself to Kaz and the crowd starts to chant “Hug it out!”

Aries takes control on Kaz but Daniels tags himself in. Aries & Daniels argue allowing Kaz to get the quick roll-up on Daniels. After the match, Kaz & Daniels seem to talk it out. Daniels raises Kaz’s hand in victory.

Backstage Bully Ray announces it’s time to vote for the new VP. 

After commercial Hulk Hogan is confronting Brooke about Bully Ray.
Hogan's new hypno-do rag.

Backstage the Aces are ready to vote on their new VP. It’s going to be either Anderson or DOC. Knux gets the deciding vote and stabs his homie in the back to vote for Anderson. At least this wasn’t voted on by the fans on the TNA app. 

Mickie James comes out to sit at ringside. 
She wearing a very short dress and someone in production is careful to switch camera angles as Mickie steps down from the raised ramp. Why isn’t Mickie going to sit in on commentary? Creepy Tazz isn’t there.

Knockouts Ladder Match: Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim 

OK. The match wasn’t perfect. But there weren’t any horrible glaring botches and both Gail & Taryn worked their asses off. Both took big bumps and sold hard. 

Backstage: Sting & Kurt Angle are talking up the importance of having either Samoa Joe or Magnus win the gauntlet match. Sting’s cell phone goes off… and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Sting says the fifth member is going to be there in a few minutes. TNA is trying to kill the buzz from the KO match. 
Gauntlet Match. I forgot that TNA runs their gauntlet match like a mini-Royal Rumble. Why the hell didn’t TNA just do a “gauntlet” with all of the BFG guys? The tag matches were all lame and really failed to generate any dramatic tension.

First out AJ Styles and Magnus. For some inane reason Tazz & Tenay say that it’s best to be either first or second man in the gauntlet.
Kazarian is third. Samoa Joe is fourth. Joe & Magnus work like a tag team – neither Tenay or Tazz remind us that Joe & Magnus are former tag champion partners. 
Kazarian is eliminated first. But I prefer to think that he’s the first to escape. Because this match is not going very well.

Anderson is fifth, having come out during the commercial. Bobby Roode is sixth to enter. Magnus takes a seat in corner to rest. I can’t tell if he’s bothering to sell anything. He’s getting plenty of rest time, which makes me think he’s going to win.

AJ Styles is eliminated and the crowd couldn’t care less. This whole lone wolf gimmick is going horribly. So far all it has done is kill AJ’s fan support.

Anderson is eliminated by Joe, who also eliminates himself in the process. Roode & Magnus are the last two men. Now the over the top rule is thrown out and we’re in a regular match. Having a match that changes rules like this is just goofy. 

Magnus’ cloverleaf looks better than Sheamus, but why are only Europeans using the Texas cloverleaf? Magnus gets the win and pulls way ahead in the series standings. And Roode comes away with zero points for his effort.

Hogan comes out because it’s now time for Chris Sabin to make his decision on whether or not to challenge Bully Ray for the world title. Didn’t Sabin call out Bully to end the show last week? Why are they acting like he has to make his decision? 

Hogan briefly hypes Sabin. Sabin gets on the mic to cut a brief and bland promo. Sabin goes to hand over the title to Hogan when Bully Ray interrupts. 

Bully bullys Sabin for a bit. Sabin responds and this time he’s got some emotion and fire to him. Sabin cashes in the X-title. Bully Ray calls out the Aces. Then MEM comes out in response. Finally Rampage Jackson is announced as being the newest member of the MEM. 

*The show was a weird mixed bag. As it has been previously, the pre-taped show has far less energy to it that the live show.
*Ending the show with the zero surprise segment felt weak. There was no physical altercation or anything to add drama to next week. Why are the Aces afraid of the MEM when they still outnumber the Mafia? Rampage joining MEM was widely predicted so there was zero shock to him being announced. 

*The Joker’s Wild gimmick completely fell flat for me. Having the random tag team portion and then the gauntlet portion was poor pacing. The only tag match that was entertaining was Roode-Aries-Daniels-Kazarian. Then the long break before the gauntlet killed what little energy there was going for the Joker’s Wild.

*The show completely peaked with the ladder match. It’s going to be a bitter pill for many in TNA to know that the ladies completely owned the show… again. 
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Stupid TNA and stupid TNA booking, they're royally ballsed everything up again haven't they?

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Originally posted by Baz Baz wrote:

Stupid TNA and stupid TNA booking, they're royally ballsed everything up again haven't they?

Yes ... yes they have
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Bright side, they may do an Aries with it...

...or they may just steal it back and carry on as if nothing really happened.

Oh well, at least it made me laugh

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Horrendous booking decision and Bully Ray couldn't have looked any worse in defeat. He destroyed Sabin from pillar to post for well over ten minutes, yet TNA couldn't just let Sabin have his glorious comeback which just falls short of the victory; they just HAD to have the shock value of permanent X-Division star Chris Sabin becoming World Heavyweight Champion. 

So the Aces & Eights no longer have any power, and have no reason to exist anymore really. TNA will more than likely have Bully Ray steal the title away from Sabin next week or something, which not only wastes this week's decision but really doesn't do either wrestler any favours from a booking standpoint. My main gripe would be that Sabin had absolutely no build-up and should have been nowhere near the Main Event, so he didn't look like he had the slightest chance of beating Bully. I suppose that might be the smarky side coming out in me, but I just couldn't suspend my belief for this match. At least Aries had some proper interaction and build-up against the likes of Bully Ray in 2012 when he cashed in Option C. 
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