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Politics In Wrestling

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Topic: Politics In Wrestling
Posted By: admin
Subject: Politics In Wrestling
Date Posted: 08/November/2007 at 15:24

From Jim Ross Website............

Quote Nice job adding the J.R.’s Chipotle Ketchup® in your tomato soup! And yes, politics have existed in wrestling long before the day I walked thru the door in 1974, and that particular matter isn’t apt to change unless the human element can be factored out, which isn’t too likely.

So how bad do we think politics is in different wrestling companies? Better or worse than say the 70s or 90s for example? I'm sure people get used better because of who they are friends with, who they do "favours" for etc, but at the same time there's going to be people without the talent or desire who are going to use politics as an excuse. For example HHH was a main eventer long before dating Stephanie and so for proper politics look at Jarrett and his runs in TNA. I dunno about other companies.


Posted By: EdgeHead
Date Posted: 08/November/2007 at 17:02
You'd be delusional to think that politics exist only in global or national companies like WWE or TNA. Even in the small promotion I was working for, I have to admit that I did use politics on several occasions to help some of my friends in the promotion. But as you said, less talented people will indeed use politics as an excuse, not necessarily to excuse their lack of talent but to get rid of someone they don't like or things like that.

I think that the bad reputation that Triple H has would've been much better if he hadn't started to date Stephanie McMahon in the middle of their angle. As for Jarrett, I think his actions speak for itself.

Posted By: Hulkamania4eva
Date Posted: 08/November/2007 at 22:53
Wrestling Poltics, is just that...wrestling politics. It is competing for a spot on the roster, cometing to move up the card and competing to make more money. Just like in Politics you are marketing yourself to the voters. In wrestling's case, the promoter and booker's.

Posted By: admin
Date Posted: 10/June/2018 at 10:28
Quote In an update on the state of backstage politics in WWE today, Mike Johnson is reporting that backstage politics are “not to the level of the past” when" rel="nofollow - WWE Superstars would harm the prospects of other talents.

With that being said, if, for example, WWE management didn’t want" rel="nofollow - Daniel Bryan to be in the top main event spot, he wouldn’t be regardless of the WWE Universe wanting to see him there." rel="nofollow - Roman Reigns is a perfect example of being “force fed” down the fans throats because he’s a “" rel="nofollow - Vince McMahon guy”. Of course, McMahon makes all the final decisions creative-wise.

Not surprised. This isn't the good old days when you'd go into a Smackdown locker room of Undertaker, JBL and Hardcore Holly and feel intimidated.
All that Drew Mcintyre says about the locker room in kayfabe and repeated on the Jim Ross podcast last week is all that's wrong with wrestling.
You shouldn't want to sabotage the career of someone but this day instead of trying to get to the top, too many guys are happy plodding along in their place on the card and playing kiddy computer games backstage before the show starts, such as Xavier Woods with his You Tube channel.


Posted By: Tom Colohue
Date Posted: 11/June/2018 at 08:56
So to be clear, you're against the management making the decisions and you're also against the wrestlers themselves making the decisions? Who's left?

Tom Colohue - Wrestling Journalist (PWTorch)
Follow me @Colohue

Posted By: admin
Date Posted: 11/June/2018 at 10:41
Originally posted by Tom Colohue Tom Colohue wrote:

So to be clear, you're against the management making the decisions and you're also against the wrestlers themselves making the decisions? Who's left?

I am against wrestlers that are happy to just be on the show, instead of doing more to get over.

Take for example Cody Rhodes. He wasn't happy so instead of just being glad of any TV no matter what he was doing, he went and left the company. Same for other mid card guys like Wade Barrett.

Guys backstage shouldn't be playing video games. I am actually shocked Vince allows this.


Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 11/June/2018 at 11:08
I’m with Admin on this, people can complain about the Clique all they want but Shawn Michaels, Triple H and co were never more entertaining than when they were pitching ideas about their creative direction and the product in general.

If a wrestler is involved in the creative of his/her character then they are likely to deliver a more natural and effective performance. The Clique were also the ones that convinced Vince to move away from the cartoonish occupational gimmicks and go in a more realistic direction. During the Attitude Era many top talents were giving creative input on their characters and storylines and the product was never better.

A talent should not be content to just follow a script for a pay day, they should push to be the best they can be.


Posted By: Tom Colohue
Date Posted: 12/June/2018 at 08:49
Unfortunately I'd suggest that oversaturation makes this something of a moot point. Some people, no matter how hard they work, are never going to be pushed. Breezango and Zack Ryder are perfect examples. Becky Lynch is rapidly becoming one and it's the same with Bobby Roode already. If you've not reached the top before the next NXT graduate comes in, expect to stay where you were.

Also I think you're missing a major point in particular as regards UpUpDownDown. It's getting people over. The Madden tournament was massively viewed and will be used to help develop any future Rollins/Styles rivalry. I loved watching Maria and Mike Kanellis on there because it made me more interested in them as people. Same with Ruby Riott and Sasha Banks. 

It also allows WWE as a medium to enter other aspects of popular culture. There'll be a ton of people at E3 who have never heard of Xavier Woods or Kenny Omega but will see them playing Street Fighter (live on YouTube no less too) and start to get interested. The kiddy games they're playing provide a hook to a whole different market that went completely untapped before.

I'd also like to ask what you make of The Elite if you think playing games in the back someone prevents you from being the best that you can be. They have their own YouTube show. Do you consider that a distraction? They're at E3 playing games when they could be chasing those brass rings. Are they a problem?

Sometimes it's not about being happy where you are, instead it's about making where you are the place to be. Look at The Miz and the IC title. He's been trapped in the same role for almost 10 years. In that time the company had no plans to develop him further but he worked hard in movies and made the IC title so important again. 

I also love what Hawkins is doing. He's providing an entertaining story.

If everyone was pushing to be in the main event you'd have the same few people on the show at the top and then 2 and a half hours of the most boring, pointless crap for the rest of it because nobody is happy where they are. I'd rather have a show filled with happy, passionate people all across the card than have 3 hours of whiny CM Punk wannabes who think they deserve better when they can't even do the job they're paid to do.

Tom Colohue - Wrestling Journalist (PWTorch)
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Posted By: L-shizzel
Date Posted: 12/June/2018 at 10:15
I don't see an issue with anyone playing video games or anything else in the back what else do you want them to do back there sit there in silence?.

But however if they are complaining about not getting a top spot I take issue with that instead of whining about the spot go out there and show the world you want it show the world you want it that bad and more importantly show Vince and grab that brass knuckles.

People want everyone to be pushed but it simply cannot be I mean imagine trying to push Fandango as a world champion it would be laughable and it would be an even worse title reign of the modern day era then Jinder Mahals.

Some people are simply suited for a Mid card role and that's nothing against them but that's their spot maybe they can climb up the ladder later on but for now they are in that role and they should take that role on with the best of their abilities.


Posted By: admin
Date Posted: 12/June/2018 at 10:47
Originally posted by L-shizzel L-shizzel wrote:

I don't see an issue with anyone playing video games or anything else in the back what else do you want them to do back there sit there in silence?.

Just a few suggestions instead of playing kid games at work......

1) Read through your script for the night multiple times.

2) Go to creative with suggestions on how it can be tweeked.

3) Speak to others involved in your segments and work with them on delivery.

4) Practice your deliver in a mirror for example so you can get your facial expressions spot on.

5) Have a word with road agents about the match you're booked in.

6) Try and talk to management about your character direction.

7) Keep in shape. You could run up and down and around the arena for example.

What you shouldn't do is turn up many hours before the show starts, get your script and play computer games to fill time, which I reckon is probably happening far too much. I think Vince himself knows this so has the Drew/Ziggles characters speak on behalf of him what he's genuinely thinking.


Posted By: Tom Colohue
Date Posted: 12/June/2018 at 14:05
The most common wrestlers who play games in the back are also some of the smoothest talking and most popular, in shape talents who produce by far the best matches. 

The New Day are incredibly over, very polished in ring and on the mic. The Usos are the same. Breezango literally script their own short skits and were one of the highlights of Smackdown when those skits were on that show.

You also have The Miz, Seth Rollins and AJ Styles. They definitely aren't trying hard enough though, right?

Tom Colohue - Wrestling Journalist (PWTorch)
Follow me @Colohue

Posted By: Rico Len
Date Posted: 12/June/2018 at 15:16
UpUpDownDown is actually a different situation though. Vince has found a way to commandeer the vehicle Austin Creed was using to make some extra money on the side and have it work for him instead. Guys like AJ Styles, Seth Rollins and The Miz are being told they're going to make an appearance on Creed's youtube show because of the specific type of publicity it will give them.

It IS however a distraction from what's really going when you're just goofing off backstage and playing video games, and not trying to further your craft. However the same could be said of the guys in the 80s who would go to bars and get drunk and brawl with the locals.


Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 13/June/2018 at 11:14
I’m sure the likes of Rollins who already has a top position and is a accomplished worker can afford to sit backstage playing video games because he’s already confident in his performance and so are management, it’s the newer guys or the ones with new gimmicks and storylines who should be pitching ideas and putting extra work in, for example McIntyre and Ziggler should be pitching their thoughts about how to get themselves over, Breeze and Fandango I’m sure know they are never going to headline but they could be pushing to have more fashion files segments and so forth so they can at least become a mid-card staple instead of comedy jobbers.

On the flip side of this it can have a adverse effect, Ryback for example bought into his own hype too much thinking he was a far bigger star than he was and I’m sure was pitching ideas for his character to try and make him a main eventer which resulted in him being depushed.

Talent need to know their place on the card but can still be the best they can be within that spot.


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