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Shane Douglas Thread

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Topic: Shane Douglas Thread
Posted By: admin
Subject: Shane Douglas Thread
Date Posted: 30/August/2007 at 18:02

From Jim Ross website..........

Quote I don’t know who created the Dean Douglas character in the WWE. Shane Douglas was given his ring name by the late Eddie Gilbert and Shane was a really outstanding young wrestler, when I was first exposed to him. I lost touch with Shane over the years, but he always struck me as being very intelligent and I hope he is doing well after some apparent challenging times. Shane was a helluva talker too.

I reckon most people on here will be a fan of Shane Douglas at some sort. The Dean Douglas character in WWE was the first time I saw him around and it was a decent character, even if it was a school teacher. His fued in 1995 with Razor Ramon was a good midcard story. He will be remembered mostly for his shoots in ECW and his hatred of all things HBK lol. In TNA he could never be used properly due to the injuries he had got over the years. It was a shame he's had so many personal problems getting in the way of his career.


Posted By: EdgeHead
Date Posted: 30/August/2007 at 18:58
I agree with you but he managed to make the most out of his career despite his nagging injuries and his personal problems. Shane is one of the very few workers who were able to seek help at the right time and beat their addictions, without suffering any consequences afterwards.

From what I've read from other fans over the years, it's all black or white with The Franchise. Whether you worship him (ha, like I do! :P) or you despise him. Some say he was an average worker pulling decent matches at best . I strongly disagree here. Shane is definitely an old-school wrestler and used that to build some good matches. Of course, nobody can deny Shane's mic skills. How many people could legitimately incite a riot because they were hated so much? That's how good The Franchise is on the mic.

10 years ago, if I were to start a new promotion and build it around somebody, without absolutely no hesitation, my pick would be Shane Douglas.

Posted By: Woddy1
Date Posted: 30/May/2008 at 12:48
I go with EdgeHead,he is an outstanding old school Wrestler.But he can go with the Extreme Stlye too.He is the best on the mic if you ask me,nobody can cut promos like him.Not even Eddie Guerrero,i feel so bad to say that.

Deathmatch Wrestlers are modern day Gladiators

Posted By: Mr Member
Date Posted: 25/February/2009 at 19:56
I like Shane Douglas. Being that we're both from Pittsburgh, PA(or close to it, in my case), he has a special place in my heart! His interviews were priceless(no Legacy pun intended), his in-ring work was phenomonal, and he had a real knack for getting guys over. I loved that he dubbed one of his signature moves "The Pittsburgh Plunge". FYI, that's also a ride at the local amusement park called Kennywood here in the Pittsburgh area! lol


Vintage Mr. Member, right there!

Posted By: Kondor
Date Posted: 08/January/2018 at 14:47
Shane Douglas in my eyes has one of the greatest trolling moments in pro wrestling history; and it wasn't even throwing down the NWA belt in my eyes. 

After spending all of 1994 in ECW trashing the circus atmosphere of the WWF, he looses the ECW Title to Sandman in the Spring of 1995, and then leaps out the ring to put on a Monday Night Raw t-shirt to antagonize the ECW crowd.  

Just like with Rowdy Roddy Piper at his heel peak in 1985, it was little tidbits like the smirk on his face and the way he walked around to seal the deal (yes I just compared Shane Douglas to Piper.) It was brilliant.  

Then of course he goes to the WWF to adopt the Dean Douglas gimmick (everything he mocked previously.) When he returned to ECW in early 1996, he ran with the school teacher thing correcting people for about two weeks before going back to his old self (better than ever) for the next three years.  

As far as his two WWF runs, I actually prefer his first WWF run in late 1990 and early 1991 (he was actually in the 1991 Royal Rumble.) He was a young clean cut smiley face goody two shoes with some descent technical skills that I enjoyed watching. 

But with me being a fan of ECW I hold Douglas in high regard; and there is no doubt his two times in ECW were his best years. He was competent (not great) in the ring, but with his attitude and way he could speak with the mic in his hands made him a must see in the territory from 1996 to 1999. Him and Francine were awesome together. I fully believe that if he would have done the belt throwing down scene (which was 1994)  with the promo skills he had later on the moment would have been augmented tenfold.  


Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 08/January/2018 at 21:37
I love Shane Douglas, one of the most underrated talents in the business.

Nothing I can really say that Kondor didn't already, it was all about his attitude and mannerisms that made him such a great heel, the kind of guy you can imagine young up and coming talents watching videos of taking notes.

I remember him in the 91 Rumble, he was a relatively unknown white meat babyface back then. It's of course his ECW work that made him famous.

Talking of which does anyone know if his three way dance match with Funk and Sabu from the Night the Line was Crossed is on the WWE Network? Never seen that match.

Such a shame Douglas never got close to realising his potential in WWE, Shawn Michaels and the Clique ended any chance of that.


Posted By: Kondor
Date Posted: 08/January/2018 at 21:56
Originally posted by Fletch Fletch wrote:

Talking of which does anyone know if his three way dance match with Funk and Sabu from the Night the Line was Crossed is on the WWE Network? Never seen that match." rel="nofollow -" rel="nofollow -

Not the best quality but I know it's on Daily Motion at least, in two parts. 

As I remember, the post match altercations are interesting. 


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