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female japanese wrestlers

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Topic: female japanese wrestlers
Posted By: kapengmabula
Subject: female japanese wrestlers
Date Posted: 19/June/2007 at 08:53
whenever i hung out at youtube, i enjoy watching video blogs by the wrestling fans from US, UK and other parts of the world. at the same time, i also get to watch the best female wrestling this world could ever offer courtesy of japan
my current fave female wrestler today is chickfight tv's undefeated mariko yoshida
she is the best submission wrestler ive ever seen
for people with youtube accounts, the usernames of people who uploaded japanese wrestling videos are jaguarkid70, luckycleareyes and ringmistress
then you can enjoy female wrestling at its best


Posted By: Suicidal Dragon
Date Posted: 19/June/2007 at 16:06
I love Joshi. Hell, the number three match in my top five greatest matches of all time is a Joshi match.

Posted By: boogs
Date Posted: 01/July/2007 at 05:26

What about Kenzo's girl Hiroku.


"Aww Boogs it has been so long without you.

How are you doing my love.

You have got to know I love you.

You were so supportive of me and stood right there with me.


Posted By: Suicidal Dragon
Date Posted: 01/July/2007 at 05:33
I don't think she wrestles, actually.

Posted By: kapengmabula
Date Posted: 15/November/2007 at 07:17
it's been awhile since i last came here
it would be great to reactivate this thread coz ive got some good info now
contrary to popular belief, joshi is still alive and kicking
i hate it when other people bash and keep comparing it with 80's joshi
hell, it's still good now especially with the arrival of the new breed
haruka matsuo, nwa women's pacific champ
kyoko kimura, joshi's most entertaining heel today
saki maemura, awa women's champ
ayako hamada, another one of my faves
mariko yoshida (victoria is imitating her outfit)
manami toyota
and of course, my fave joshi of all time
akira hokuto


Posted By: The Phylth
Date Posted: 15/November/2007 at 07:55
nice to see some more people here with japanese wrestling knowledge! i myself arent too much into the womens puro side of things, i tend to watch Noah/AJPW/NJPW etc but my next quest is to get admin/webby to make a Puro section on the topics front page so is nice to know some people here will be able to help me out & discuss it with me Tongue

Posted By: Kondor
Date Posted: 26/November/2010 at 12:23
I'll admit I don't know a lot about Japanese wrestling; but I do know the ones that were brought into the WWF. In about the mid 90's when the WWF was seeking to build a legitimate woman's wrestling division, they imported a bunch of woman's wrestlers from Japan. My favorite was Bull Nakano. She challenged Alundra Blayze for the WWF Women's World Title at SummerSlam 1994, and beat her for it a few weeks later. Their series of matches were actual good technical wrestling. I was impressed by Nakano, especially her combined sharpshooter/STF. After the feud with Nakano was done and Blayze got the Title back; the WWF imported a whole slew of women from Japan, the leading one Aja Kong, who overpowered Blayze a few times. There was even an all woman Survivor Series match with Blayze and Kong on opposite teams at the 1995 Survivor Series. I have to say I was just beginning to get interested in it all; but shortly thereafter Blayze jumped to WCW and threw the WWF Woman's World Title in the trash. Then the entire Women's division subsequently died in the WWF; and all those Japanese woman wrestlers were released.

I also mark this as a turning point for how woman's wrestling was treated in the WWF; for while the Woman's World Title did return three years later, from that point on it more and more became less about serious wrestling and more about looks; until eventually the "Divas'" Title they have today.

Sorry for taking the point off this thread but the Japanese women in the WWF is what I know. I would have liked to have seen more of Aja Kong in the WWF, as well as a few others they had at the time.


Posted By: JohnKy75
Date Posted: 26/November/2010 at 13:12
The example that Kondor gave is about the only time I can remember japanese women being booked right in the bigger feds. After Alundra/Medusa did what she did womens wrestling here in the states went to shit. Like right now I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hamada, TNA has the chance to book a Japanese woman right but doesnt do it I havent been able to catch any of the SHIMMER shows so Im not sure how well they book Im sure it has to be a little better since its an all women fed.


Posted By: MUSA
Date Posted: 26/November/2010 at 18:04
Japanese Joshi Puroresu Competitors are absolutely amazing.  I've never seen such brutality in a match involving females (or even men) until I saw the awesome matches of Joshi.  I became a MASSIVE fan of Bull Nakano and Aja Kong following their work in Japan.  I always get furious that WWE hardly mentions Alundra Blayze/Madusa - as she was, quite possibly, the best wrestler in the women's division.  She was, by far, the toughest woman on the WWE roster.  Watching her stuff in Japan really proves this.

I was also a fan of Akira Hokuto (married to Kensuke Sasaki) and Manami Toyota (who, I believe, was in WWF for a small spell).

Posted By: Kondor
Date Posted: 27/November/2010 at 04:22
An awesome, awesome match...


Posted By: EdgeHead
Date Posted: 27/November/2010 at 06:48
I think Toyota was in that Survivor Series match in 1995 featuring Team Alundra Blaze vs Team Bull Nakano. Don't remember which one she was in though.

Posted By: Kondor
Date Posted: 11/June/2012 at 12:00
Alright so I've been getting more into Japanese women's wrestling cause of my Ticket Wars card. I admitted on the first page of this thread I don't know a lot about Japanese wrestling, so I've been watching a lot of matches from all kinds of Japanese promotions. And I may have found the best women's wrestling match I've ever seen. 

It is between Ayako Hamada and Azumi Hyuga, and was for what they called the Queen of Arsion Title. It is from early 2001, so Hamada was 19 at the time. This was just an amazingly technical match where they went all out; and the ending os good. So I'd thought I'd share. It is in two parts (and I do think it's worth the watch.)" rel="nofollow -" rel="nofollow -

I'm gonna look more into Azumi. I heard she's a big name. 

(And yes, I know Hamada is half Mexican.) 


Posted By: Rico Len
Date Posted: 09/July/2018 at 02:57
A rather interesting thread I've found here... IMO Japanese Women's Wrestling has always been the highest of quality and usually the world's best women's wrestling. When you look at the shit these women put each other through, you realize they offer something men could never offer, not even cruiserweights. And the reason is pure and simple gravity. If men, with their greater weight were to do the same moves, they'd literally kill each other. When a number of them don't even quite weight 100 lbs., they can get away with moves that are far more devastating for wrestlers of a larger size, even with American women who tend to be a number of inches taller and thus heavier to go along with it.

When you see a woman like Kairi Hojo (Sane) do a backflip off the top rope into a double foot stomp, you know you've seen something unique to any other division in existence. 

I finally found the gif thread I was looking at ages ago!

If this doesn't make you a fan, nothing will." rel="nofollow -


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