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Raw Underground

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Printed Date: 24/November/2020 at 03:15
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Topic: Raw Underground
Posted By: admin
Subject: Raw Underground
Date Posted: 04/August/2020 at 14:23

I enjoyed it. It was fresh and different and I look forward to seeing more of it.

Reading reactions it looks like I am in the minority though as most just see it as a Fight Club rip off.

The only bothering thing is Shane Mcmahon being back thus making his leave stipulation worthless.


Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 04/August/2020 at 19:02
The feedback to this seems mostly negative but WWE deserve credit for giving this a try. 

During a time when they cannot have real fans at shows which means traditional wrestling matches are lacking a key component of what makes them work they are thinking outside of the box and trying something new that could work without the presence of a live audience. 

Much like the cinematic matches it's about getting creative and finding something that works and attracts interest during these strange times, it's been clear for a while that most fans are not high on standard wrestling without a live crowd for the wrestlers to feed off. 

If nothing else it at least means you can skip the last hour of Raw reducing it to 2 hours making it a far easier watch.

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Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 05/August/2020 at 12:01
Watched Raw now and I liked this. It's different with a dark and gritty feel, plus it's a environment that doesn't need the live crowd atmosphere so smart move by WWE to try and pad out some of a overly long show with content that fits in more with the current climate. 

This could also be a good way to utilise some of the talent that are flying under the radar a little at present, the Hurt Business made their presence known and Lashley, MVP and Shelton all have shoot fighting experience, Dolph Ziggler who was also there has a amateur wrestling background. Guys like Timothy Thatcher and Matt Riddle are also well suited to this style of fighting. Not sure who the big guy was that appeared and I noticed that the guy that previously appeared as Tozawa's giant ninja was guarding the entrance.

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Posted By: Kondor
Date Posted: 05/August/2020 at 16:00
Just bring back Bart Gunn for this and I'll be happy. 


Posted By: WebmasterFF
Date Posted: 05/August/2020 at 19:10
This is WWE's equivalent to Hollyoaks After Dark


Posted By: Rico Len
Date Posted: 08/August/2020 at 12:42
I haven't seen this yet, and the first mention of it I found was CM Punk praising it to such a degree people are speculating he might make an in ring return to be a part of it. Booker T said as soon as he heard about it the first person he thought of was Punk, to which Punk responded that Booker just wanted to see Punk get his first win.

If it is what it sounds like then I think I may be a big fan. I haven't been making much time for wrestling lately and am struggling just to keep up with AEW, so I don't know when I might get around to this, but it's definitely something I'll be keeping an eye on in the wrestling news at the very least.


Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 11/August/2020 at 17:54
Its the best thing WWE have done in a while and I'm excited to see what happens on Raw this week, apparently Shayna Baszler gets involved and she is perfectly cast as part of this. 

I wonder if they will introduce a Raw Underground title? Obviously WWE has way more titles than they really need currently but there needs to be something at stake. I would bring a title in and maybe abolish the 24/7 title as that has now run its course.

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Posted By: Rico Len
Date Posted: 14/August/2020 at 06:25
You know it wasn't that long ago I mentioned that mma-styled matches and realism is the path forward. I feel quite vindicated seeing was do this and that it's very well received. Especially since Kondor said he hoped that wouldn't happen. I hope wwe doesn't fuck this up, cause this is pretty damned close to what I envisioned when I talked about a fight club feel. 

This also has a very Shotgun Saturday Night feel to it too, and I just wonder what we might see evolve from this.

People are talking about longevity of these segments as having Dolph Ziggler win in 30 seconds is great, but if he goes on the regular portion of Raw and loses in 20 minutes it undermines the underground fighting. To that I would say was ought to crack down on the rules in-ring. No closed fists, more restrictions on the submission holds, more banned moves, etc., followed by a storyline where Raw Underground gets shut down, only to pop up here and there for short segments led by Shane before security tracks them down and runs them off. All the banned holds and moves get highlighted on the underground fights and it builds up their effectiveness in a fight when using them means a 30 second fight. Conversely the regular programming highlights old school catch as catch can wrestling, where competitors grapple in hold/countertops chain wrestling matches that last an average amount of time. 

In this way Ziggler can use illegal holds in underground and win in 30 seconds but lose in 20 minutes when denied his hooks. 

Now that I've seen this all first hand I must say this is exactly the kind of thing I've wanted to see, and it's more than enough to get me back watching again. I watched almost all of Raw from the last couple weeks, and between this and the Asuka storyline I'm REALLY digging Raw now.


Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 16/August/2020 at 16:35
It has given Raw a bit of a edge the past couple of weeks and hopefully results in a boost in viewership. The whole WWE product has been better lately and they deserve to see a rise in ratings for the efforts they've made to improve the product and to shake things up to try and combat the restrictions they are working with due to Covid. 

Shayna Baszler appeared on Raw Underground this week and was dominant, as I mentioned before this is a style which is a perfect fit for her and I can see Shayna thriving far more on RU than she currently is on the main shows. Dabba Kato who is being pushed as one of the top new RU stars has impressed as well. 

The only downside that I see so far is the RU fights are usually quick and booked almost as squashes with the stars making short work of jobbers, eventually they will need to move away from this and have more competitive fights between two established talents, also why no rules is fun there may eventually have to be some rules introduced to give it more of a legit feel rather than just a bunch of people larking about in a basement, after all even Fight Club had a few rules. It will be interesting to see if this ever becomes a part of PPV as well or if it will be exclusive to the Raw basement. 

I'm now also wondering if Retribution will be a group of RU talents led by Shane McMahon?

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Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 27/September/2020 at 13:18
So Daba Kato the one new guy that Raw Underground had done some good work in portraying as a new star who could actually be somebody in WWE was pretty much destroyed by Braun Strowman on RU this past week. 

They even had Shane and Braun and Kato appear on the Kevin Owens show to build the fight so it was treated as far more of a big deal than any of the previous Raw Undeground fights, but when they got down to it Braun - who is coming off back to back losses to Bray Wyatt - decisively beat Kato, it was a pretty one sided battering nothing was really done to protect Daba Kato or to make him look like he was Braun's equal or better still why not have him beat Braun and try and build a new big monster character? 

I like the concept of Raw Underground but it now just seems to be pointless 30 second fights and now the senseless burial of someone who seemed to have a big upside.

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