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Aleister Black on Smackdown Live

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Topic: Aleister Black on Smackdown Live
Posted By: Fletch
Subject: Aleister Black on Smackdown Live
Date Posted: 25/April/2019 at 12:42
Not sure what to make of his vignette that aired this week, he kind of rambled not making much sense like Bray Wyatt used to making references to being tortured and in pain etc. 

I hope he gets a mega push on Smackdown, hes already really over and could easily be the number two babyface behind Roman which makes me wonder if they will flip him heel due to concerns that he will become more popular than Reigns.

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Posted By: Rico Len
Date Posted: 25/April/2019 at 15:34
Do any of you guys listen to Lilian Garcia's podcast, Chasing Glory? Black's whole gimmick is that he isn't what he appears to be. Sort of like Andre the Giant, his gimmick wasn't so much his size but that he was a 'gentle' giant, and was often billed as such. With Black he looks one way and people make assumptions about what and who he is, but then he goes on to show you he's nothing of the sort.

His promos are perfectly in line with his character, and that's another thing that was talked about in the interviews, he doesn't do much of ANYTHING outside of his gimmick/character in the public eye (except apparently shoot interviews).

He's going to be an interesting one to watch, but after listening to his interviews he is clearly a babyface, and turning him heel would be a very big mistake and a deathknell for him insomuch that I really doubt the guy would know what to do as a heel and how to get into the head of that character.

I expect we will see that he is going to show what a tortured soul he has been, and how everything around him is dark and brooding an blah blah blah, but he has learned to be a quiet ray of light in that darkness. It seems pretty important to him that his character show that no matter how bad things around you are and how scarred you get and how much it might leave its mark on you, you can still do what is right and not give into all that temptation and such.


Posted By: #Heel
Date Posted: 04/September/2019 at 19:09
I'm not happy with how Black is being booked neither.

I'm in a bit of a mood with how they are booking the ex NXT guys, Black and Almas - who are 2 of the best workers in the whole company.

Almas is just floating around meaningless match to meaningless match and losing to Gable in the KOTR tournament has really pissed me off.

Black is like here one week and then not used th enext, doing this whole knock on my door shit which just stinks of creative having nothing for him.

Im really starting to hate Smackdown despite it having alot of my favourite superstars on the roster

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Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 05/September/2019 at 11:00
I quite like how Black is being booked as a attraction, you don't need to see him every week, I wish they would do this with more top talent to be honest.

But they do need to do something with him, this whole open challenge thing is getting old. He needs to be moving up the card, he beat a mid-carder in Cesaro so now he needs a bigger challenge, Andrade would actually be a good call for his next feud.

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Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 16/November/2020 at 11:57
So for me the most interesting thing to come out of the Zelina Vega release situation is what this means for the future of Aleister Black. 

In NXT Black had been portrayed as a top star and had been booked as a dominant babyface and he had some killer matches. On Raw he got off to a good start scoring lots of decisive squash wins and emerging as the clear winner in a series of matches with Murphy which produced excellent match quality. It had been said that Paul Heyman was a big fan of Black and was protecting him and building him as a future star. But then Heyman was removed as executive director and it was rumoured that Vince was never the biggest fan of Black's character and felt it needed to change for him to advance, so we then get the heel turn but from what I've seen so far the changes to his character have been removing very cool elements like his dark and gothic entrance and his theme music and switching his ring gear from trunks to long tights(my guess is Vince doesn't like his leg tattoos). 
His only real feud since his turn has been with Kevin Owens, a feud which KO won and this doesn't bode well for Black to be on the losing end as Owens in recent times has been defined mostly as a jobber to the stars, its also not a good sign that after being booked so dominant as a face Black comes up on the losing end in his first real feud as a heel. 

Reports this week have said that Black asked to return to NXT and his request has been denied, this is another bad sign as its never good that a talent would rather be on the C brand than Raw or Smackdown and for the request to be rejected makes the situation even worse, its also concerning that Black has not appeared on Smackdown since being drafted to the blue brand. 

The rumour is that Zelina requested her release from WWE in protest over WWE's blocking of talent using third party accounts, Black apparently was also a regular user of these same third party facilities. 

Its been pretty clear since Black moved from NXT to the main roster that WWE haven't really known how to use him effectively, hes had some decent matches but hes always been kind of treading water with no real direction and the vignettes with him sitting in a dark room asking for someone to pick a fight with him were a bit strange with no real purpose. 

Aleister Black is a great talent but I'm just not sure his character and style really fits the WWE system, he was fine in NXT but Raw and Smackdown is a very different environment and hes too good to be in NXT for life. Throw in these issues with Zelina and the third party accounts and it would seem the best move for Aleister Black would be to move on from WWE. People have already started talking about the possibility of him in AEW maybe as part of the Dark Order, I do think he would be a much better fit for AEW than WWE and he would be a game changer for them as he's a star with a big upside who has not yet been defined as a WWE reject.

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