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Bobby Roode & Chad Gable & The Revival Storyline

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Topic: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable & The Revival Storyline
Posted By: admin
Subject: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable & The Revival Storyline
Date Posted: 08/January/2019 at 22:14
Quote Lumberjack match: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable vs. The Revival: Several tag teams are positioned around the ring to act as lumberjacks for this match. Wilder and Roode start this one off. Wilder tries to roll outside earlier on, but Rhyno and Slater chase him back in the ring. Dawson tags back in, but Roode puts him in a shoulder lock and then tags in Gable. Dawson and Gable go at it in the corner now until Gable hits a springboard cross body for a two count. Wilder comes in, and Roode and Gable dump both Revival members outside then Gable hits a splash on them. Back in the ring, Dawson blindly tags in and they double team Gable. Roode gets the tag and cleans house. Wilder comes back with a spinebuster on Roode for a two count. Gable gets the tag and they double team Wilder. Gable hits a flying cross body on Wilder, but Wilder rolls through. Gable suplexes Wilder, but Dawson gets the blind tag and Dawson comes in with a splash on Gable. Wilder tags back in and goes at it with Gable. Dawson tries to get involved but Roode pulls him away. Gable rolls up Wilder in the ring and pins for the three count, as the referee didn't see Wilder's foot on the bottom rope.

Winners: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable
We need a title change. It's painful seeing The Revival have to job out so much.
Maybe the pairs are going to do a double turn to make it more interesting?
Roode/Gable are better acting like pricks and Revival twice being robbed in a match against them are going to gain sympathy.


Posted By: Rico Len
Date Posted: 09/January/2019 at 02:23
It WOULD be pretty great to get Bobby Roode turned heel so he can cut heel promos. The guy, if turned loose can be very nearly as good as Chris Jericho. There was a time where Roode was in NXT & Jericho was on Raw during his last big run where the two were about the only reasons to be watching WWE programming, and they played almost the exact same role and were pretty much neck and neck as to who was the most entertaining in that role.


Posted By: Rico Len
Date Posted: 12/February/2019 at 23:00
So no one wants to talk about the fact that Revival just had the best tag match on the main roster tv shows in probably 15+ years? The longer it went the better it got to the point where it was starting to feel like one of their NXT matches. I wish I could have seen it uncut, without all the commercial breaks. Gable and Roode were great for their part but Revival just proved why they deserve to be compared to Arn and Tully. 

Sadly, I expect them to be forgotten about and face into obscurity soon, but that was a match for the highlight reels.


Posted By: admin
Date Posted: 13/February/2019 at 13:40
Quote Bobby Roode & Chad Gable (c) vs. The Revival: Gable and Roode start off strong in this one. The Champions hit suplexes in tandem on both Revival members, and they fall out to ringside. Gable follows up with a moonsault off the top rope down on to both Revival members at ringside. Back in the ring, Wilder tags in and turns things around on Roode. Dawson tags in for the double team, but Roode fights them off and tags in Gable. Gable cleans house now and hits a cross body on Wilder. Gable hits a suplex on Wilder and sends him outside. Dawson is the legal man, and Gable hits a German suplex on him for a two count. The Revival double teams Gable for a two count. Dawson misses a shot and knocks Wilder off the apron, and Gable hits a suplex on Dawson. Roode and Wilder go at it at ringside, and then Dawson drops Roode from behind. Back in the ring, The Revival double teams Gable for another two count. Gable fights back with suplexes and looks for the tag, but Roode is still down on the floor. Roode finally gets the tag and he drops both Revival members. Roode hits a side suplex on Dawson, and then he slams Wilder on to Dawson's body. Roode spears both Revival members, then he clotheslines Dawson outside. Roode hits a spinebuster on Wilder for a two count. The Revival double teams Roode with a facebuster for a two count. They try to double team Roode again, but Gable takes out Dawson. Roode puts the boots to Dawson on the mat, then Gable tags in. They hit a German suplex/Blockbuster double team on Wilder. Gable pins, but Dawson breaks it up just in time. Gable and Wilder trade pin attempts, then they fight up to the top rope. Dawson comes over, and this leads to a powerbomb Doomsday Device double team. Roode breaks up the pin. Roode throws Wilder outside, then Dawson drops Roode with a DDT. Gable drops Dawson and pins for a two count. Wilder tags in for the double team on Gable. Gable leaps off the turnbuckle for a moonsault, but as he comes flying off the turnbuckle, the Revival catches Gable in the Shatter Machine for the three count.

Winners & new RAW Tag Team Champions: The Revival

- Dawson and Wilder celebrate with their Tag Title belts as we go to replays.

- The Revival does a brief interview in the back where they say now they've proven they're the best tag team on the planet.

What a really good match. Good length of time, proper wrestling and storytelling.
Revival shouldn't have to try and quit for management to push them. For me they are the second best tag team in the company after Jimmy and Jey.
It was amusing they had the hashtag FTR on their trunks. Surprised management allowed Free The Revival to be on their ring gear.


Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 05/March/2019 at 18:34
So my guess is we will see a multi-team match for the Raw tag titles at Wrestlemania. 

Looks set to be Ricochet/Black vs Gable/Roode vs The Revival, I think one of the AOP is injured otherwise I'd say throw them in too and make it a four way. 

Struggling to think of any other credible teams on Raw, they really need to shake up the tag scene after Wrestlemania.

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