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WWE Wrestlemania 34

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Topic: WWE Wrestlemania 34
Posted By: admin
Subject: WWE Wrestlemania 34
Date Posted: 02/January/2017 at 19:28
[QUOTE] WrestleMania 34 will be returning to the site of the WrestleMania 30 next year, according to

The Wrestling Observer website reported this week that while yet to be officially announced by WWE, an announcement is expected soon regarding next year's WrestleMania returning to The Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

WWE held WrestleMania 30 in the same venue in the same location just a few years ago for the show led by the crowning of Daniel Bryan as WWE Champion. [\QUOTE]

Strange decision to go back there so soon.

It must annoy a lot of fans Stateside that dozens of states never get the show and same few always appear to get lucky.

I suppose it will pull in the foreign crowd with it being a party place.


Posted By: Baz
Date Posted: 02/January/2017 at 20:07
It's all about the size of the arena in recent years isn't it? I know WWE need a big arena for WM but with all the NFL stadiums out there, surely they got plenty of arenas they can use?


Posted By: Rico Len
Date Posted: 02/January/2017 at 23:34
I hope they get Hulk Hogan to host the event.


Posted By: ihatethatmonkee
Date Posted: 04/January/2017 at 20:06
some NFL stadiums still need to be updated, there are only a handful who could legitimately host a Mania event under the current conditions of the events locale


Posted By: LennyComa
Date Posted: 04/January/2017 at 22:50
You would think the Baseball arena's would be able to hold enough for WWE PPV's too. It could be the lack of roofs for some places but WWE have had open air arena's for PPV's before so that isn't an issue for just looks shit a bit for the first few hours until the sun fucks off

Lonely in this white room, There are Pads Everywhere. Chaffing Straight Jacket, Won't Die in Here.

Thank YouThe Love Song Writer for the Sig

Posted By: admin
Date Posted: 10/January/2017 at 22:40
Originally posted by Rico Len Rico Len wrote:

I hope they get Hulk Hogan to host the event.

I don't. I hope he's never seen on E programming again because the company should always be looking to the future.

So the worst kept secret in wrestling has finally been made official. You'd think E themselves would want to make the announcement first.

Would anyone on here want to go to it?


Posted By: Rico Len
Date Posted: 11/January/2017 at 01:55
I didn't even go to the one in my backyard of Santa Clara. The only other one I could possibly go to is if it were in Seattle again, then it'd be in my wife's backyard.


Posted By: admin
Date Posted: 11/January/2017 at 14:10

They should have posted the press conference in full instead of cutting it down into so many pieces.

When the same place is getting the biggest show of the year so soon after the last time, it makes the "WWE Universe" phrase a mockery.

There are enough places around the world to have Wrestlemania somewhere just once in around a century so it truely is once in a lifetime for locals.


Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 16/March/2017 at 18:25
Quote WrestleMania 33 is two weeks away but WWE is already looking ahead to next year’s WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans. The Wrestling Observer newsletter reports that the company has already locked in Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns as the main event for next year’s show. The idea is for that show to be Reigns’ official coronation as their new top star. That was the plan a couple of years ago in Santa Clara but they had to change things up with the finish of the match because of the negative crowd reactions towards Reigns. Obviously, things can change within a year but that is the plan for next year.

None of this means that Reigns will beat The Undertaker at this year’s show and it doesn’t necessarily mean that Brock Lesnar will have a one-year title reign but both scenarios are possible. The one thing that is clear is that Vince McMahon is absolutely set on making Reigns into the next John Cena.

McMahon’s long-term plan is to fully replace Cena as the top babyface. It’s something they feel the need to do with Cena being gone so much to work on TV and movie roles.

It’s hard to see how WWE can turn fan perception around for Reigns. He continues to get positive fan reactions at the house shows but mixed reactions (and often very negative) at the TV shows. He gets mostly negative reactions on pay-per-views where you’ll see more hardcore fans.

The plan here should be simple.....

Use Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania this year to transition Roman in to a heel, use the following 9-10 months to get him red hot as a heel which should be easy as I think Reigns will be a excellent dominant heel in the Batista mold.

Between the Royal Rumble and Mania 34 at which time fan support for Roman should be peaking start the slow burn to turning him back face finally pulling the trigger a few weeks before WM, perhaps at the Fastlane event.

Then he topples Brock for the title at the event and holds the title aloft as a babyface once again cementing his status as the new top player in the company. Easy.


Posted By: Baz
Date Posted: 16/March/2017 at 19:26
Hmmm, I could handle Reigns main eventing next years WM as long as they do make him go super human all year. If they could go the route of having him not winning the title during the year then i'm all for it. 

However I am against a long Lesnar reign again as they have Balor, Rollins, KO, Strowman, all good for a run with the title if booked properly. A short term Lesnar title reign i'm fine with, but nothing more than 2/3 months.


Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 18/March/2017 at 11:28
Another rumour I've seen is Roman will be drafted to Smackdown to keep him away from Brock for a year before he challenges at Wrestlemania 34. This would still allow for a heel turn and even a feud with his old buddy Dean Ambrose over on the blue brand.

WWE really should enforce the heel turn as while Reigns might be popular with kids and shifting a fair bit of merchandise the fact is the more hardcore fans despise him, a heel turn may not fix that but it's certainly worth a try.

Trouble is my gut feeling is WWE will continue with him as a face and just use the excuse he gets a strong reaction even if it's mixed using the whole no one provokes such emotion and passion from the fans the same way they have with John Cena for years.


Posted By: Rico Len
Date Posted: 18/March/2017 at 15:05
I think his merch numbers and the fact that he's popular with the women and children has re-enforced the idea to WWE execs that Reigns should stay babyface, because he is not only creatively walking in the footsteps of John Cena, he is now also financially walking in the footsteps of John Cena.

I used to think it was a sure thing that sooner or later Reigns would turn face before he could get so universally hated by the hardcore fans 18-45 male fans, but at this point I think that window has just about closed on that, and they're just gonna go full-Cena on Reigns and that's all there is to it.

If that's their goal, then the best thing they could do to make everyone happy is reunite the Shield, and officially launch the run of the The Balor Club, and in time, bring up Sanity and Author's of Pain to feud with as well.

They can continue to take part in singles competition as well, but as long as the Shield is officially a unit, Reigns popularity shouldn't drop too low, and it'd only help him, as well as Rollins and Ambrose.

It wouldn't be hard to continue running with things just as they are (aside from Ambrose needing to be on the same brand) and run their entrance music just the same when they in singles competition. The only difference would be having to get Reigns his own unique entrance music, and having different ring gear depending on what identity they were wrestling as. Shield gear for Shield-related matches, and their current ring-gear for when they're just doing something on their own. With about 2 sentences from the announce team people would get it both quickly and easily.


Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 19/March/2017 at 10:07
I think WWE have accepted that the top guy in the company will always get a split reaction because the hardcore fans know he's the chosen one of management and not necessarily someone who got to the top organically by building fan support through his performances and rising up the card as a result. For this reason that guy will always get a negative reaction from those fans, a heel turn for Reigns may not change that because while Roman might do a excellent job as a heel and win over a few of those people they will all still know he's the golden boy of Vince McMahon and will probably never be as universally popular as guys like Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles who won over fans purely on their ability inside the ring and also the fact they inspire fans because they didn't have the help of being stereotypical superstars with the whole Hollywood billboard look.

In some ways this isn't such a bad thing, Reigns will still sell tickets and merchandise which is the most important quality he neeeds after all, the mixed reaction also alllows him to easily work more tweener for feuds with fellow faces, I enjoyed his work with AJ when Styles was still a face and he's also had matches with Finn Balor and of course his upcoming match with The Undertaker. A switch to Smackdown may also allow for a passing of the torch match between Reigns and Cena which is something I'd like to see.


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