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Should The WWE Bring Back WWECW?

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Topic: Should The WWE Bring Back WWECW?
Posted By: HBKDX97
Subject: Should The WWE Bring Back WWECW?
Date Posted: 15/June/2011 at 17:35
I know that the ECW brand from WWE was only a former shell of its existence in the 90's. But I've been thinking lately that what they had going was a pretty efficient set up. They had a delicate yet good mix of veterans and new guys. This provided an opportunity to not completely bury oder veterans (i.e William Regal and Goldust) while also giving younger guys to showcase their talents and simultaneously give them working experience against veterans who could coach them along without as much pressure as being on one of the major shows. 

It was a stepping stone for at least five now main branded wrestlers: 

Sheamus (former WWE Champion)
Kofi Kingston (former IC Champ and current US Champ)
Evan Bourne (well, he's at least recognizable)
The Miz (got most of his start with JoMo with The Dirt Sheet segments and Tag Teamship, now former WWE Champ)
Ezekiel Jackson (his big push came with his ECW Championship win)

The big difference between this reincarnation of ECW and a show like Superstars or NXT is because they actually devoted storylines (to an extent) to the show and promoted it (again, to an extent). I remember the New Breed vs The ECW Originals feud, and I also remember CM Punk smashing Chavo Guerrero over the head with the guitar after Chavo's ECW Championship celebration. Feuds like these weren't half bad.

 WWECW at least gave an opportunity to advance up the ladder a little bit, while Superstars and NXT are more often than not WWE purgatory. Also, they get little to no commercial promotion: when's the last time you've seen a WWE Superstars or NXT commercial? Exactly. 

My question is whether or not you would bring back the WWECW brand and get rid of Superstars and NXT?


Posted By: Willy1225
Date Posted: 15/June/2011 at 17:47
I would bring it back but I dont think they will be able to get a timeslot anywhere

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Posted By: John The Baptist
Date Posted: 15/June/2011 at 23:00
No, theres already way too much wrestling on TV.


Posted By: HBKDX97
Date Posted: 15/June/2011 at 23:07
Corrected for coherence, I forgot to say "Get rid of NXT and Superstars and bring back WWECW" sorry guys.


Posted By: Darth Shizzel
Date Posted: 15/June/2011 at 23:33
No ecw has been tarnished enough and they have no more originals left.

Wwe have 2 brands for their stars they want to build them then cena and many others need to stop getting so much air time and give it to some of the other guys or at least let the younger guys speak so they can develop their Mic skills.

Posted By: King Razor
Date Posted: 15/June/2011 at 23:51
They can't handle two brands let alone 3! I want to see better build ups, better matches before they even think of expanding further.

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Posted By: HBKDX97
Date Posted: 16/June/2011 at 00:10
So you're saying that Superstars and NXT provide BETTER feuds and storylines? 


Posted By: King Razor
Date Posted: 16/June/2011 at 00:23
No because I said two brands. The brands are Raw and Smackdown. NXT and Superstars are not brands they are SHOWS.

Welcome to my Palace of Wisdom!

You thought you knew the truth, Well let King Razor tell you the real truth!

King of the PPV GAME 2007

Posted By: HBKDX97
Date Posted: 16/June/2011 at 01:21
I honestly wouldn't even call Smackdown or Raw a brand any more. They're both just different shows, technically, because now wrestlers frequently cross over and have matches on the other show. Superstars and NXT are also shows: my point is that ECW was a much better "show" than Superstars or NXT.


Posted By: Kondor
Date Posted: 16/June/2011 at 09:04
Originally posted by HBKDX97 HBKDX97 wrote:

I honestly wouldn't even call Smackdown or Raw a brand any more. They're both just different shows, technically, because now wrestlers frequently cross over and have matches on the other show. Superstars and NXT are also shows: my point is that ECW was a much better "show" than Superstars or NXT.

I myself never did see them as separate brands; all I ever did see them as being was two different TV shows. I've been saying that since the brand extension in 2002 and on here since I joined. 

But you bring up some good points about the merits of WWECW. They provided a place where veterans could be taken seriously as well as a platform for newer stars. And I agree that ECW had better storylines than NXT or Superstars. If I had the choice, would I get rid of NXT and Superstars and bring back ECW? 

I have a biased, as I liked ECW, both the original version and the WWE version of it. Well, right now, as far as what is on television in the States, there is neither. Both NXT and Superstars are exclusively on the net. But, if I could get a descent television time slot for it, I would; on certain conditions, and I would run it a certain way. 

First, I would make sure it is indeed "extreme". Fuck the PG rating. I know it can never go as all out as the original ECW; but as long as there can be some free leeway, use of weapons, and no phobia about showing blood I would have something to go on and proceed from there.

Next, I would seek out as many ECW originals as I could. Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, and the Dudleys seem to be locked up in TNA; but there is Sandman, Raven, Jerry Lynn, Justin Credible, Balls Mahoney, Nunzio (Little Guido) as well as a few who have never worked for WWE like Steve Corino and New Jack; AND there is the last Champion of the original ECW, Rhyno. 

Then, I would take some WWE people and put them in ECW. It doesn't really matter to me who, preferably some people who have spent time in the WWECW before such as Yoshi Tatsu, Evan Bourne, and CM Punk. But I would make sure I had Ezekiel Jackson, the last ECW Champion. I would try to get some ECW alumni like Stone Cold Steve Austin for special appearances.  

Then I would take some of the best who have appeared on the last couple of seasons of NXT and put them there; maybe some Tough Enough contestants, too, such as Matt Cross; and put them in ECW. 

Then I would seek to hire Paul Heyman as, as both a storyline owner/booker and a real creative person. I would also (awaits the disagreements) hire the previous WWECW GM, Tiffany, to continue her storyline GM role as I liked her. 

I would make it clear that ECW would be truly separate entity from the rest of WWE; both creatively as well as storyline wise. ECW "Extremists" would not appear on WWE shows; and visa versa; save for something like WrestleMania. I would also seek to have some ECW exclusive pay per views such as November To Remember. I would not be so quick to move guys "up" to WWE as they were before. Once a guy was established as an ECW guy, I would keep him there for a while unless he was "wantaway". I would present ECW as a near equal company to WWE and not as a feeder fed. 

I would also make it clear that ECW is indeed a more hardcore brand; but I would also have no delusions that it could be as extreme or exactly the same as it was before. 

I would have a big extravaganza, kicking it off, having a Champion vs Champion match between Rhyno and Ezekiel Jackson for the ECW "World" Title; then eventually seek to build a legit tag team division and eventually rekindle the ECW Tag Team Championship. Then, I would let it ride from there, not interfere with Heyman creatively, and continue to promote and grow ECW. And when someone from the original ECW became available; I would seek to sign them. 

I know none of this will happen; but you asked what I would do if I was in charge, I am assuming. This is what I would do if I were in charge. 


Posted By: MegaManXXV
Date Posted: 20/June/2011 at 18:55
Damn Kondor ...

I gotta give you props ...

That was a well thought out plan man! Not like that's something new lol ... I think that would work perfectly. They could distance themselves a little from WWE that way there would be no tension about the rating of the show.

I absolutley LOVE this idea. I just wish that it was an actual posibility ...

But 2 answer the OP, yes ...

Id love 2 see ECW back, just as described above will work for me

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Posted By: Callysto Calaveras
Date Posted: 30/October/2012 at 14:40
There was nothing wrong with WWE's ECW other than it wasn't given any respect or credibility. And somewhere it went from being a no rules show to something moderated and the quality suffered.
The only things worth it on ECW were
-Johnny Nitro becomes John Morrison
-Abraham Washington Show
-Kurt Angle's violent streak
-Paul Heyman
-Christian Cage
It's hard to get behind a show that goes through so many format changes and still doesn't get treated like a viable show.
NXT was a great show the first 2 seasons. Wade Barret dominated from the start. The second season had losers like Eddie Murphy and Mr. ilikemeatyipyipyipwhatitdo Ryback and McGuinessburger. The diva season fell off and then after that the format changed and I stopped watching.
Superstars, velocity, saturday slam and all other shows that don't have anything to do with main story lines are treated as if they don't exist. And changing the title to Kofi "No one takes my boom boom boom seriously" Kingston isn't enough to make me tune in.
I pay tickets to see The Miz. I pay nothing for the guy who couldn't get it together against Legacy Orton.
So my stance is, until you either 1. go back or 2 simply start having Smackdown treated with respect and making THAT show serious in it's own instead of piggybacking off of Raw...there's no need for a third wrestling show unless it's tough enough.

Posted By: DavidPWG
Date Posted: 01/February/2013 at 17:11


Posted By: HBKDX97
Date Posted: 01/February/2013 at 17:30
Originally posted by DavidPWG DavidPWG wrote:


Great contribution. You've really made waves here with your brilliant insight [/sarcasm>


Posted By: Black Fraction
Date Posted: 01/February/2013 at 17:48
unless they get a tv-14 rating, there is no point in brining it back it would just be an insult to what ecw was before they got all pg. the years like 2006 2007 and 2008 were amazing for that brand where it felt like the ecw championship was legit (which it was a great title to hold) and actually matter in the wwe like when bobby lashley was champion and had a feud with umaga and big show and paul heyman 

Posted By: Willy1225
Date Posted: 01/February/2013 at 18:57
Originally posted by DavidPWG DavidPWG wrote:

Why not?

TNA Would Be Nothing Without #TeamDixie

Posted By: LennyComa
Date Posted: 01/February/2013 at 19:14
Not unless they can make it PG13 or above and make everything extreme rules. Also everyone on the roster would have to be comfortable with the fact they will be taking Chair shots to the head and to have it broadcast after the Watersheds. 

In reality though the appeal of ECW was an Indy promotion which was a in one location and was all about the brutality.

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Posted By: #Heel
Date Posted: 01/February/2013 at 23:45
Originally posted by DavidPWG DavidPWG wrote:

 certain members would get away with one word posts (at a push) but not a guy who rarely posts and is literally continuing yo add zero to the forum by doing so


Posted By: John The Baptist
Date Posted: 02/February/2013 at 11:51

Main Event

Thats three jobber shows nobody watches, four if you include Smackdown.

Why add another?


Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 10/June/2018 at 17:14
I recent watched the Something Else to Wrestle With show that covered WWECW, was interesting to get some inside insight from Prichard as well as the opinion of Conrad who was a diehard ECW fan.

Bruce was always against resurrecting ECW saying it was a dead brand that failed in its prime because it couldn’t get enough eyes on the product. He said the reason WWECW was very different to the original was due to the failures of the original and a need for something new to please the mainstream audience as well as ECW fans, also factor in that many ECW guys weren’t available due to being under contract to TNA.
Bruce said the failures of the new ECW were mainly due to RVD and Sabu’s pot bust meaning the push of the two top stars had to be instantly scrapped, the atrocious December to Dismember event, and just a case of too little too late.

Conrad argued that Vince McMahon killed the brand by not giving Heyman full control and by making it too WWE rather than just recreating a modern day version of the original.

My opinion is that Conrad is dumb for saying that, most of the ECW originals at this point were drug addicted and broken down, there was no way you could create a full time brand with these talents in the centre of it. In my opinion WWE made the right call to add a few ECW talents for authenticity but keep them in the background and use it as a vehicle to launch RVD and Sabu as top stars, I thought the format in the early episodes was really ok it wasn’t WWE’s fault that Van Dam screwed up getting busted while in the middle of a huge push and Sabu just refused to evolve his gimmick and wouldn’t make any effort to develop promo skills.

The first two One Night Stand shows were excellent and rank among my favourite ever PPV’s, these shows worked because the ECW vets could still work to a high standard on a one off basis and of course went all out due to the buzz of the nostalgia, this mixed up with the WWE talent that had ECW history made for a superb show and fans loved the nostalgia, but it worked because it was a one off.
The second show the format was changed because of ECW talent being unavailable due to being in TNA and also to push the new WWECW brand which was due to launch, so they went with a WWE vs ECW formula which I thought worked excellently, the WWE talent relished being able to heel it up for the hardcore pro ECW crowd and it produced some really good never before seen matches and of course the legendary main event where RVD defeated Cena, this match has to be seen just for how ruthlessly the crowd taunt Cena.

WWE could have continued to run these yearly shows for the one off nostalgic buzz and novelty value for several more years and maybe just signed the likes of Sabu and Sandman to full time contracts, the rebirth and subsequent flop of ECW as a WWE produced brand should never have happened.

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