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ROH Glory by Honor Weekend V Night One

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Topic: ROH Glory by Honor Weekend V Night One
Posted By: akileese
Subject: ROH Glory by Honor Weekend V Night One
Date Posted: 17/September/2006 at 03:34
Well guys, anyone who follows ROH knows the reports, but I guess you'd wanna hear it from someone who is there. It was bedlam. The story the guy driving the bus who works for ROH said was that because there were leaks in the roof and something involving a fire hazard, they were BANNED from holding the event inside the building. Interestingly enough, the tent was also leaking. Possibly because we saw one of the hardest rain storms in months.

The tent sucked, plain and simple, but the show was amazing. Due to the saggy tent, most top rope moves were almost impossible. Of course, that doesn't stop Jack Evans because he does it anyways. Daniels couldn't do the BME though. Overall, I loved the show and it was truely a night to remeember. If they DVD it, I recommend snagging it just to hear the crowd chants. We started a "Section C" chant after the second match as well as a "Tent's gonna kill you" during Joe vs. Roderick Strong.

Dunn and Marcos over two guys from the ROH wrestling school. It was a squach that led to the next match.

Kings of Wrestling over Dunn and Marcos in a very good match. Dunn and Marcos had their spots, but seeing as how KOW was getting their world tag title shot the next night, no way D & M was getting the win.

Jack Evans over Jimmy Jacobs, Ricky Reyes, and Colt Cabana in a 4 corners match. This was entertaining simply because of Cabana. Who has Bobby announce to the crowd that "He did not reach 3rd base with Lacy behind the bushes 45 minutes ago." Immediately following it, the crowd started with a "Yes you did!" chant. Good back and forth action from all 4 with Colt Cabana "teaming" with Jimmy (picture Lucy and Charlie Brown from Peanuts when Charlie tried to kick the football. It was really funny. Colt pretty much worked the crowd the whole match and Jack Evans hit his high spots despite the sinking tent.

Nigel McGuinness over Christopher Daniels ina clean and technical match. I love Nigel and this was typical Nigel. My dad didn't enjoy it because he felt it was boring live, myself obviously being a sucker for technical wrestling mixed with some good spots felt it was one of the best matches of the night. The crowd was a lot more split than I thought it would be (with Daniels sitll having the edge).Nigel wins it with the Tower of London. YES FOR NIGEL!

Austin Aeries over Davey Richards in a really stiff match. I wondered whether Austin was still legit injured as his ribs were taped up like he was really hurting. A typical "work" tape job isn't heavy, but this looked to be serious. A good match that saw Austin win after back to back Brain Busters. No 450 :(.

Intermission sucks in the pouring rain under a tent. Only lasted about 7 minutes tops.

Delirious over the guy with the top of the class trophy (honestly can't remember his name, but I really wasn't impressed by him at all). Knowing Joe vs. Roderick was coming up, I wasn't that interested, plus I got back late because I was buying DVDs. Sorry I don't have more.

Joe over Roderick Strong. Ahhh yes, "TEN'TS GONNA KILL YOU!" Best chant ever started by the guy two seats away from me. Roderick looked really good and this match was back and forth. No Ole Kick outside the ring from joe seeing as how, well, the ring was on grass. Joe hit two from the corner. The match ended with a disguisting island driver off the top rope. After the match, I noticed an ambulance speeding away. Not sure if someone was legit injured or not, but I couldn't get anymore information after the show

Main event!
Briscoes vs. KENTA and Marufuji. Aside from the one guy who had waaaay too much to drink, it seemed as though the entire crowd was around team Japan. Really great match from KETA and Marufuji, but I expected better from the Briscoes.  Not a lot of their high risk tag moves, but I expect that is because of the venue. This match ended with Go 2 sleep of course! Figured KENTA would get the pin since he's getting his world title match tonight.

Overall, I thought it was a great show considering the conditions. They're coming back Dec 22nd and I'm going to be getting tickets with my friends in the coming weeks.

EDIT: I just read that KOW won the tag titles in the manhattan center. This saddens me, but hopefully could lead ot MaruKENTA winning the belts.

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