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The New Theme Song For Monday Night Raw Is...

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Topic: The New Theme Song For Monday Night Raw Is...
Posted By: womenwrestlerfan
Subject: The New Theme Song For Monday Night Raw Is...
Date Posted: 28/October/2009 at 03:57


WWE will be debuting a new opening video for Monday Night RAW on next week's show. In an update, the new theme song for RAW will be "Burn it to the Ground" by Nickelback. The song is also featured on the front page of WWE's corporate website. -

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Posted By: admin
Date Posted: 28/October/2009 at 10:20
* A PG company using a song that says the occasional swear word....Never....
* A new tune for a new era of Raw where new stars get elevated to main event status.......
* Been reading the lyrics on this link and it's different to the usual Nickelback stuff....... -


Posted By: Gx
Date Posted: 28/October/2009 at 11:09

Good to see WWE continuing their tradition of using songs by bands years after they were popular...

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Posted By: BillyBreathes
Date Posted: 28/October/2009 at 18:08
Nickleback to music is what crocs are to to footwear.  I can't stand them, and I really can't stand that they are from Canada!!!  These guys fucking smoked the US charts and great Canadian bands like the Tragically Hip are still in limbo.  It's painful.  Don't even get me started on Nickleback, Christ!!!


Posted By: MariaS
Date Posted: 28/October/2009 at 19:59
CM Punk made the comment "Nickelback is what is wrong with music today" and I so agree with that.  RAW just goes from bad to worse. 

Posted By: Tragon70
Date Posted: 28/October/2009 at 20:03
As if I didn't find SD entrance theme annoying, now we gotta hear Nickelback singing Raw's theme. What's up with all of the sudden change don't they wait 5 - 10 years before changing a theme 4 Raw cause it always seems that way ... lol

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Posted By: jessieORTON
Date Posted: 29/October/2009 at 00:09
i love the one they have now why do they need to change it?

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Posted By: Wesker's Shadow
Date Posted: 29/October/2009 at 00:29
Yuck, that song is atrocious. They shouldn't bother to change it because the current one is all right. Still nothing like the old Raw is War theme. 

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Posted By: Steven Nyte
Date Posted: 29/October/2009 at 02:31
Nickelback.... you´ve got to be shittin me. Couldn´t they find a REAL rock band? Next thing you know they´re gonna use a song from Poison for ECW or sthn...


Posted By: John The Baptist
Date Posted: 29/October/2009 at 02:34
Looks like WWE have found another reason not to watch Raw.


Posted By: money
Date Posted: 29/October/2009 at 02:37
nickleback is funny.
in one singel that are defending women and in the next they sing a song laced in pure jealousy towards something in your mouth.
these guys suck, but i hope its better than whoa oh whoa oh never give up whoa oh i just wanna be wanna be loved!!!!


Posted By: King Razor
Date Posted: 29/October/2009 at 11:56
They have to be the least 'rock' band out there. They are so funny without trying to be. How do you get away with a line
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Posted By: ihatethatmonkee
Date Posted: 31/October/2009 at 22:54
Originally posted by money money wrote:

nickleback is funny.
in one singel that are defending women and in the next they sing a song laced in pure jealousy towards something in your mouth.
these guys suck, but i hope its better than whoa oh whoa oh never give up whoa oh i just wanna be wanna be loved!!!!
HEY! that song made me start thinking Papa Roach might be worth listening too again.  they're not, but it did make me believe..........LOL
Raw has been better at its theme tunes than Smackdown. Marilyn Manson?! The Beautiful People?! When the Great Khali was being pushed as your big draw?! eejits!
i still prefer the Union Underground theme, but the Papa Roach one is a close second.  every SD theme has been poo. and the last said about the bland stylings of the ECW theme, the better.


Posted By: Pac-Man
Date Posted: 03/November/2009 at 01:20
I know that Nickelback's lyrics are really simplistic and lack much of a consistent stance and all, but am I the only one here who doesn't think everything they touch completely sucks?

That being said, this song would probably work much better for a pay-per-view event than for being presented every week on Raw.


Posted By: Steven Nyte
Date Posted: 03/November/2009 at 01:50
No not everything sucks but 99% of their songs sound exactly the same... anyways, like you said pac, for a one off at a ppv, I could´ve looked over that song, but every week on raw... no...


Posted By: admin
Date Posted: 17/November/2009 at 11:44 -
* So what does everyone think? It wasn't as bad as some of you lot were making out Tongue
* The song isn't too important because the graphics department can make anything look good.
* It was time for a change and at least they are using a band that's well known around the world (Papa Roach hasn't done much over here).


Posted By: MariaS
Date Posted: 17/November/2009 at 17:29
whoever chooses their music is stuck in a rut like Vince McMahon.  They need to hire a new music person.

Hell, ask the talent.  I'm pretty sure they could have come up with something far better than a song by Nickelback.  Jericho, Punk, Orton, Cena, HHH, even McMahon himself listens to AC/DC--all of those guys are metalheads, yes folks, even Cena listens to AC/DC, when you listen to classic stuff like that and you pick fucking Nickelback to do your A show's main theme, something is wrong. 

Posted By: John The Baptist
Date Posted: 17/November/2009 at 18:10
Originally posted by admin admin wrote:

So what does everyone think? It wasn't as bad as some of you lot were making out

Yeah, it isnt as bad as I thought, the editing peeps did a good job and even though I still would of preferred nearly anyone but Nickleback, it is an improvement from Papa Roach.


Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 17/November/2009 at 18:24
I actually like it but then unlike many of the members on here it seems I like some of Nickelback's music.

Reminds me a little of the Raw is War theme they used during the attitude era, its a huge improvement on the previous Raw theme that was to cheesy for a wrestling show, this track is edgier.

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Posted By: Kondor
Date Posted: 03/March/2020 at 08:51
Okay, (major thread bump) Monday Night Raw's theme song is growing on me..." rel="nofollow -

... and it's the drummer's voice (Jen Ledger of Skillet) that makes the song in my eyes. 

And what better time will there be besides now to revisit the song that was morphed into the greatest Raw theme in history..." rel="nofollow -

P.S. you can see Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Undertaker, Big Daddy Cool Diesel, Razor Ramon, and Paul Bearer in the video. Wink


Posted By: #Heel
Date Posted: 03/March/2020 at 18:51
I really like this theme - ive liked it for a while.

Its probably the best out of the WWE shows

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